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FLIX Shakes the Earth With New ‘STUPID EP’

Several months ago, one of my favorite producers from the French speaking portion of Canada released an insanely crafty EP called Observatory – while I loved every aspect of this project, it turns out that FLIX has come back even stronger than ever with a brand new project for all the masses to enjoy. A lot of you might know him as the Quebec City horror show, FLIX, but since he’s actually a very nice guy and pretty much friends with everybody, I’m sure a lot of you call him by his real name. F E L I X. I’ve only ever known one Felix. He lived in my neighborhood fifteen years ago and was a very kindred spirit. Now that I’ve met the Quebec master producer (and one other cool guy from Quebec who also shares this name) its safe to say that folks named Felix are beyond friendly. Three for three baby, that’s all I need to prove a theory. “Minimalism“, “One“, “Maximum Bass” and “You Got!” are each incredibly unique in their own way – but since this project was released last year, I wanted to highlight some of the new filth that FLIX has managed to release during this crazy time period we’re all experiencing.

The STUPID EP is a special project that showcases all the insane new sounds that have been cooking up in FLIX’s mind during the start of this new decade. The self titled track of the project infuses this sweet 80s themed keytar riff with bird chirps and brain melting synths to get those shoulders popping.

If you somehow have managed to survive the intro, then best of luck making it through the rest of the project. It’s full of absolute filth. The second track of the project features non-other than Reaper from the Cookerz crew. “Reload” paints a picture of a sad servant robot named Peter, from the distant lands of Cybertron, who just wants to escape his masters and see the world. This tune actually captures the very moment that Peter and his trusted companion Elroy figure out how to shut off the servant’s coding, which has been preventing it from accessing its deadly robotic features for nearly a decade. Peter goes crazy, kills all his oppressors, and steals a spacecraft to go travel the world with Elroy. But this is merely my interpretation.

The third tune of the project had me jumping like a fool at my job the other day. I can’t quite explain why the high pitched synths and cybernetic bird chirps make me throw my knees really high in the air, but I have come to greatly love the VIP of “Headspin.” I hope that it makes you get weird and funky too!

On the other hand, “Annihilate” might make you want to develop a time traveling machine, run up in a medieval castle and destroy the all the authority within, takeover the throne, and become the new leader of France. But I’ll let you be the judge.

I’m so glad that I took it upon myself to cross that beautiful Canadian border three times last year to experience some of the best Riddim and Dubstep producers that the great north has to offer. I was blessed enough to catch one of the most destructive sets I’ve seen in a long time, as FLIX went back to back with his longtime production companion, MOTUS at the infamous Valhalla Sound Circus. I still haven’t found my marbles since that set, so if you see them. Please holler. Enjoy the video shot by one of my favorite Youtubers, whoisbrian?

A L S O!!! You should totally check out the new HELLRIDE Volume 3 Mix that FLIX just released earlier this month! Time to get rowdy!

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