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Concert Review: Flux Pavilion Live in Charlotte 2016

Friday Night Was an Interesting Experience, To Say The Least.

     It’s been well over two years since Flux Pavilion’s return to Charlotte, and the night was finally here. We pulled up to the music factory and saw one of the most ridiculous lines to ever exist, for what I expected to be just a normal Friday night rave.

Turns out that Label wants each one of their guests to become members before entering the club. I can’t blame them, talk about a smart business move. Anyways, it’s time for the official 2016 Flux Pavilion Charlotte Review!

     We got inside around 11:00 or so, and let me be the first to tell you, the place was PACKED. It was such a dope atmosphere though. The lights were killer, the people were happy, the security was on point, we could tell that no fuckery would be excused that night. The bathroom guy was cool because he was Colombian. If you guys have been keeping up with our Facebook and Twitter, we took a trip to Cali, Colombia, in the department of “El Valle Del Cauca.” It’s a beautiful place and he was a chill dude. Good looks Luis Manuel, or something like that, you give Cali a good name.

     When we hit the dance floor we immediately started to cheer for Tronix and DOMii, who had been playing a b2b set since 10:00. We hadn’t seen Tronix play since our first show with Getter back in January at club Suite. It was a little weird getting used to Tronix playing anything but hardcore bass music and dubstep, but since this was more of a college scene, I understand why things had to be mixed up.

DSC_6837 copy

     Shot by Key Vision Photography at Getter in Charlotte, 2016

     He and DOMii played a little bit of everything, from the occasional wubs to jams with female vocals and a hip-hop song here or there. It was lit. DOMii is a cool DJ, we’ve never seen her live before even though she’s opened at countless events in Charlotte. She had more energy than our whole crew combined. Our favorite moment of their set was when they dropped Herobust’s 2015 banger “Skurt Reynolds.” There’s a rumor going around that she’s opening for one of the sickest bass music DJs in the game some time soon in Charlotte.. brought by yours truly and our Getter partners, Haloes. Stick around for more info on that.. Now back to the Circus Records All Star of the hour.

Photo Shot by Key Vision Photography.

  It was time for Flux to come turn up the Charlotte vibes. Tronix and DOMii wrapped things up and before we knew it, that bright-yellow haired goof, FLUX PAVILION, was behind the decks getting ready to tear it up. He started the night off with a banger off his debut album Tesla. The night couldn’t have began in a better way.

     You know that popular song that most DJs use for a dope transition that goes “Bitch You” and then starts making crazy Skrillex sounding lazers? Embarrassingly enough I didn’t know the name of it until I got a Facebook message about 2 minutes ago. He dropped the insane festival trap remix made by Carnage and Breaux of Eptic’s song “The End.” Song numero dos was eventually followed up with a crowd favorite. “Let the Bass Cannon Kick it!” Things turned into a twerk fest real quick.

    He followed it up with an older jump up song that will always remain a festival favorite. Have you heard of Exostomp? If not. Check it out now because it’s absolutely ill. Not quite sure if it was the Diskord remix or not, but it was definitely fast paced and everyone was dancing like Miley. I guess waiting in line for an hour got the crowd a little anxious. Next was one of our personal faves, International Anthem, here’s a video we got on a fan’s phone. And then.. Yet another banger from Tesla, this one got all the ladies’ attention real quick, especially whenm the famous line came up “Baby I lose my cool, when I get emotionaaaal.

     I only found myself having two complaints. The bass was no where nearly as loud as I expected it to be, and the club was so over packed you could barely even stick a leg out to comfortably dance. Nevertheless, I bit my tongue and the night went on as Flux turned things up with another one of his new tracks featuring none other than Mr. JoDY HiGHRoLLeR, aka Riff Raff. Things got nasty when the hook came on “I can wreck a mic, Who wants to Rock?” The mood switched 360 degrees when FP threw on another crowd pleaser with his remix of Cracks by the Freestylers. I may have confused the order of these songs at some point, but, you get the picture. Are you a fan of ATL rapper Childish Gambino? If so, you would have loved the live version of Do or Die


Shot By Key Vision Photography

     All the sudden, Flux turned the music down, grabbed the mic and started shouting “When I say Flux, you say Pavilion.. When I say Charlotte, you say yeaaaaah! When I say I can’t, you say STOP!” Next thing I know, one of the dopest songs that dragged me into the world of Dubstep back in the day was blasting through the speakers. I could easily pick out everyone who’s been listening to this shit since 2010, and as someone who considers themselves PLUR till death, it was a beautiful sight to see.

     He started to wrap the night up by spinning the Cesqeaux remix of The Dopest by Moski, good choice as always. I vaguely remember him playing Freeway, I want to say it was the remix made with Kill The Noise? All I remember is everyone throwing their hands up in the air and waving em around like they just graduated high school, it’s always good seeing the crowd have fun. Nothing’s worse than a concert with a lame crowd.

     And that was it, he shouted out thank you to the Queen City for such a good time, but that wasn’t enough for the fans. People kept screaming.. Encore, encore!! So what does a good DJ do when their fans want more? They give ’em more! Soon enough, Flux was back on stage to play us one. last. song. He couldn’t have made a better decision to finish the night off with the banger shown below. To put it in simple terms. Flux Pavilion will always remain as one of the most influential producers and DJs in the industry, thank you for the good vibes.

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–   Zyven

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  1. Yourmaintallfriend Yourmaintallfriend February 10, 2016

    Great review! THECHARLOTTESESSIONS is doing a fantastic job keeping up with the DJ and rave world and lord knows what will become of IN THE FUTURE!

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