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[HOT NEW EDM ALERT] Flux Pavilion – Pull The Trigger

     One of the greatest producers of all time has partnered up with a female vocalist by the name Cammie Robbins to release a beautiful new single for you incredible people to enjoy. This track reminds us of a deadly love that was never meant to develop. The lyrics are pretty heavy “You fired off like a smoking gun//Left me for dead like a hit and run” “You make me feel there was something to fight for//and there was just nothing at all.” But the song itself is still really enjoyable, we can imagine the yellow haired producer dropping this one in front of a crowd of thousands at some random music festival in Florida. Hopefully we’ll make that vision come a reality this year. Check out the new single by Flux Pavilion, “Pull the Trigger” below. ALSO, you can Stream and Download the Single Here!

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– Zyven

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