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Grab Your Swords and Wands – Dubstep Paradise “Forbidden Kingdom” is Coming to the East Coast 

     It’s as if someone was listening to the prayers and pleas of thousands of headbangers all across the world: bring back the mythical  Dubstep vibes. Give us a festival where we can dress up like medieval characters and run around with our friends jamming out to some of the best Bass Music artists of our generation. Thanks to a Florida based promotional company, Apex Presents, headbangers will finally be getting the chance to live out this fantasy in a beautiful East Coast setting. Start brainstorming those outfits and costumes my friends, because we are a little over two months away from the gloriously mystical debut of Boca Raton’s Forbidden Kingdom Music Festival – you’re not going to want to miss out on this freshly curated Bawss Music experience.
Two things that truly caught my attention about this imminent southFlorida based Dubstep showdown are the time-stretched lineup and the overall medieval theme for the festival. February can’t come soon enough. Headbangers should get excited for all of the old school bass mongrels such as 12th Planet, AFK, DoctorP,Downlink, Funtcase, Adventure Club and Zomboy, who will be joining us in the massive festivities. But hold in the excitement, because the list of rising heavyweights such as SQUNTO, HE$H, Tynan, Kompany, Midnight Tyrannosaurus and Somnium Sound should really get you hype. I would be lying if I didn’t say that the two nights of Excision solo sets and a grotesquely heavy back to back performance with Dion Timmer didn’t get me out of my seat when I first discovered this festival – it seems like the Bass Gods really were listening. I’m also thoroughly pumped for the opportunity to check out Boca Raton’s Sunset Cove Amphitheater, I’m a sucker for first time experiences at new locations! So, who will I be seeing in South Florida on the 16th and 17th of February? Start planning, were almost two months away from all the action!
     If you want to learn a little more about the Forbidden Kingdom story, click here! These guys have put together a whole story line behind their special two day event, and anyone who appreciates art will truly appreciate their words!

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Wizard, Elves, Kings and Queens? Our Time to Gather is Imminent!

– Zyven

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