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Breaking Our Necks with Forreign [Transfiguration EP & Interview]

Who’s up for a good scare? Like mother once said, there’s a time and a place for everything. And at this very moment in time, we want to talk about a special project that was just released on our West Coast Dubstep colleague’s label, GET HEAVY. I have a lot of respect for the moves that Anthony and his team have been making lately on the sunnier side of the country – their consistent growth has taken them on a path leading towards a monstrous side of Dubstep music, that I know many of you metal heads and fist thrashers will appreciate. This new project was created by the likes of Pennsylvania based heavy hitter, Forreignit features an array of uniquely selected audible elements that were designed to make people headbang to the fullest – if you’ve been searching for that new malicious project with an abundant amount of malevolent spirit, then look no further, because the Transfiguration EP was clearly made for you. We reached out Forreign to ask him a few questions about himself and the new project!

1. Where does the inspiration for your newest Transfiguration EP draw from?

Besides being excited about writing my very first EP, I was in a dark place. My family was threatened to get kicked out during the cold winter, I was filled with a lot of emotions that contributed to these songs, which is what inspired me.

2. Anger is a true motivator for great musicWhat made you want to kick off the Transfiguration EP with the song Desolate?

 Desolate was the first one I worked on, and it was around the time I was in that situation deeper than before, so I released a LOT of mixed emotions towards it.

3. It’s such a filthy song! What are some unique production techniques that were used on this new project that you could share with fellow producers who enjoy making heavy and gruesome sounds?

For ‘Desolate’, a lot of the raw synths did NOT sound how they did. So honestly, a big technique is to use effects, and just toy with them. I had a full rack of effects for that first hitting growl in ‘Desolate’. 

4. Who are some insane musicians that really inspire you to continue working on your craft? 

A big inspiration in my music, would be lead singer of ‘Slipknot’ Corey Taylor. I see his aggression in his works as genuine, as he did have a fucked up past.

5. Slipknot is timeless. Your artist bio on Facebook mentioned that you are from Pennsylvania! A few of my favorites such as Mohno and CHMST are from PA! What town are you from brother?

I’m in Williamsport, Pennsylvania , home of Little League!

6. How did your relationship with the Get Heavy crew come about?

The relationship of Get Heavy and I came along a thread they posted about “who to release with” and with the amazing support of my friends, they had wrote my name down in the thread. Which is when Get Heavy took the leap and started building a relationship with me!

7. Get Heavy works hard! What can we expect from FORREIGN this summer?

Shit, I don’t even know what to expect from me! We’ll just have to find out.


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