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“FREAK EM OUT”, an Outstanding Project by Mohno and MOE

In the past thousand and six hundred days of my lifetime, I have come in contact with so many different musicians from different corners of this planet – and as time went on, some of these musicians have actually become close friends of mine. It amazes me what the power of Riddim, Dubstep and Bass are truly capable of. Today I would like to focus on one particular artist who has been following The Charlotte Sessions way before I first published a story about a collab that she created with Nevada’s very own Draco. I am absolutely blown away about how much Greensburg, Pennsylvania legend, Mohno, has grown since that day. Not only has she dropped countless of incredible tunes such as “Earth Warbler, “Dissociate“, “FLOW” with the Buenos Aires badmon LAEM and a stacked EP titled Where the Clocks Don’t Tick, Mohno has also recently traveled to Charlotte to put her heart and soul into her World Debut performance! This has been one truly wild year for the eighteen year old sound bender.

Somewhere along the lines, Mohno and her good friend and musical inspiration MOE from Chicago decided it that the Charlotte Sessions Audio would make a good home for their mind altering collaborative project known as the FREAK EM OUT EP. After having some experiences with the two producers coming out to Charlotte to play one of our shows, I realized that this was obviously meant to be.

This EP demonstrates the psychoactive thoughts that are running through the minds of Mohno and Moe when nobody is watching. The sounds that emanate from the three creations that were brought together to make up this the FREAK EM OUT EP will allow you to teleport to Saturn to watch the sun set, and bring you right back to Earth to watch the sun rise, all the while scrambling the coding that was embedded in your brain during the journey. Make sure you turn up “Last Resort” the collaborative tune with VIBESZ up to eleven, because this one hits way different than the rest of the EP – you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about once the drop takes precedence.

We hope you enjoy the FREAK EM OUT EP. And if you like what you heard, please like, repost and comment on the project! This is the first of many EPs to be released on Charlotte Sessions Audio. But most importantly, this is a huge step forward for Mohno and MOE. Big ups to these tirelessly, hard working musical creators.

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– Zyven

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