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Freddy Todd Releases New Music With Holly & DMVU

  Feeling the need to hear something weird for your ears? Well your search is no over! How about some dank new music from your main man from Detroit, mr. Freddy ToddI’ve had the pleasure of catching Freddy Todd perform back to back with Liquid Stranger and Manic Focus in the past, and let me just say this: the man sure knows how to throw down an exiting and soulful set. Recently Todd has brought his musical touch to the far lands of Portugal, where producer friend Holly cleanly cooked up his portion of this underground, static shocking, psychedelic sensation that is the single “SQUANDERED.” The strange sounds found in this new tune will have you dancing in circles and patterns. The type of dance moves that you can only find in traditional, ancient, ceremonial dances. You don’t want to miss out on the peculiarity brought forth by this new tune folks, make sure you smash that play button, before it’s too late of course.

     Up next is a special new single that was collaboratively produced by Freddy Todd and the monstrous producer from Denver known as Damnesiavu, but most of his fans call him DMVU for short. Todd himself describes this new tune as a “collaborative colloquial sinkhole where Fred and DMVU fall quite literally through the cracks of the internet, sound, and time, to serve this fresh dish directly to you.” I can’t quite put my finger on exactly how to describe this tune, I think Freddy’s excerpt above does “Dabbah” justice. But don’t take our word for it, take a fresh dabbah, hit that play button, and enjoy the ride. Would you like to see DMVU and Freddy Todd perform together in a live setting? If you bother our friends over at SOMA Entertainment enough, and they might just do it.

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