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DJ of the Day (0023): Funtcase

THEME OF THE WEEK: Circus Records

     I’ve never seen it happen before, two DJs off the same camp being our DJ of the Day back to back? Oooh, there was that one time where I actually, in fact, made Ephwurd and Getter our DJs of the Day b2b. Don’t tell anybody.

But yes ladies and gentlemen, everyone’s favorite masked freak DJ, Funtcase, is our DJ of the Day today, and believe it or not, we’ve been waiting for this one for a while.

     Want to know what earned this infamous Dubstep producer from Bournemouth, United Kingdom, credited with being one of the first to take control of the scene over 6 years ago, today’s title? His dope set release from this year’s EDC Orlando music festival, where Funty played in front of tens of thousands of fans who came from all ends of the worlds to see an incredible lineup of performers give it their all for three exhausting but unforgettable nights. 

     We’re taking a poll, would you like to see Funtcase play Charlotte in 2016? Our answer is yes times a million, let’s see if we can work our QC magic and get him out here. But he makes more than dubstep, Funtcase actually started making Drum N Bass before he got into that crazy heavy shit that’s been making kids go mental since 2009. Here’s a D&B classic from back in the day.

     But yes Funtcase, congrats on everything you’ve accomplished since the start of your career, from 50 Caliber, to countless of b2b sets with Cookie Monsta in front of thousands of crazy ravers all over the world, to quite possibly our favorite dubstep track ever, it may be a remix but it still has that hyper masked fuck’s aggressively heavy spin. No we’re not angry, but Zyven just have a bad case of ADHD and the Funtcase remix of Getter’s track Fallout helps him get rid of all that extra energy. Maybe we just need some of that British tea he always goes on about on his Snapchat (FuntCaseUK if you were wondering).

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