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G Jones and Eprom Set to Release New Collab EP

     In anticipation for their new collaborative EP entitled “Acid Disk”, G Jones and Eprom have released their new single, Hysteria.” Any fans of the two deep and out of this world producers will instantly fall in love with the new track as it delivers the sounds and musical genius that G Jones and Eprom are known for. “Hysteria” is full of the expected intensity and energy within a bass music track but also carries a subtle unsettling ambiance to its sound, which makes for an absolute masterpiece. The first drop hits so perfectly that it will leave you with your jaw dropped. The huge 808 hit at the start of the drop engulfs your ears with a deep bass sound before a brief “whooo” chant comes in and rapidly kicks off the track with more distorted basslines and various other synths layered beneath it.

     If you’re a fan of strange, unordinary, yet wildly unique music like what you just heard on “Hysteria,” then you have more to look forward to as their new EP is set to be released within the new future and will contain two G-Jones songs, two Eprom songs, and then their collaboration track, “Hysteria”. Make sure to catch G-Jones at a city near you as he embarks on his North American Tour. Watch G Jones stroll along the nation (and Canada) with the likes of Mad Zach and Eprom as he drops a heaping pound of bass in your face!

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