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G-Rex & Peekaboo Created Something Filthy: “BABATUNDE”

I should have expected for the Detroit maniacs to come up with a creepy opening for the newest Bass packed banger to come out of Michigan – but I wasn’t quite sure what angle G-Rex and Peekaboo would take on their newest track “BABATUNDE”. And if you’re thinking this tune is related to the WWE wrestler, you might be on to something. Could that be the Polish superhuman creeking and mumbling about the “sound like” as his body morphs itself into a new being, after ingesting a new performance enhancer from outerspace? The drop that follows this chill giving introduction packs in a heavy Bass filled punch the second it heats your speaker.

  In the past month, North Carolina has been blessed with two fantastic performances from the one and only Peekaboo, where fans from all over the East coast bounced around in unison to the wobbly, Area 51-esque style of the Boo Crew leader. Peekaboo and G-Rex truly went to great lengths to create a new signal of communication for all of us and our intergalactic brethren. Blast this one at full capacity and watch what happens. Thanks again for the great tune boys! 

    You can catch G-Rex throwing down a series of wonky, wubby, and over the top strange Bass sounds on September 21st at club SERJ. We highly suggest you come out to this one – the close quarter vibes mixed in with their home sound system will make for a special night to look forward to!

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Peekarex, I choose you!

– Zyven


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