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G-Space and NEWSENSEI Drop a Full Serving of Canned Heat

Alright ladies and gents, if you’ve never heard of either of these immensely gifted audio artists, I would say


BUT, you get a free pass if you haven’t because both are honestly way too woke for the majority of humans to have heard them. Now that you’re here though, welcome, and prepare your earholes for some audial delicatessen of the distorted nature.

       This is the type of track that tickles the eardrums in the most fantastic, satisfying way. At every twist and turn, a buzzing bass grimace lies waiting around the corner. Each sound is intricately placed with astounding quality and precision.

       It’s honestly mind-boggling how outstanding this new collab “Canned Heat” really is from start to finish. With a drum beat you cant help but nod your head to and an audio collage of crackling filth, both G-Space and NEWSENSEI really out-did themselves on this one.

Seriously though, you’ll have hear this tune for yourself because it’s got me speechless at this point.

(try to listen with good speakers if possible)

       Shoutout once again to both of these incredible engineers… production like this gives me hope for the future of electronic music. Make sure to check out both of their Facebook and Twitter pages, G-Space (G-Space) and NEWSENSEI (NEWSENSEI). Both have been doing some incredible stuff lately and I would hate for any of you to miss out on what they’ll do next.


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