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[Concert Announcement] Ganja White Night Live in Athens, Georgia 10.25.16

Man Oh Man, We just can’t get enough of em!

     After listening to their Mr. Wobble mix for almost a month straight, we finally got our chance to see Ganja White Night in the heart of Charlotte. And as amazing as that show was, it wasn’t enough to fulfill our Ganja White Night needs. After we got word that the Belgian Duo was doing a show in Athens, Georgia just days after the Charlotte show, we realized there was only proper move for our Tuesday evening. Time for a gathering at the infamous Georgia Theater!

     As we speak we are preparing to make a “feasible” three hour drive to Atlanta, doing cool Atlanta city things, then wobble our faces off to some GWN. The show is set to last from 9-12, with a 75 minute b2b between Organik and Variant, followed up by a whopping 105 minute set from our favorite Brussels crew. Ganja White Night goes on at 10:15pm on the dot, so don’t be late! If you have absolutely nothing going on tonight and you’re within a four hour radius, this is clearly the move. RSVP Here! And buy your tickets Here!


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–   Zyven

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