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Ganja White Night & TopHat Live in Virginia Beach [Concert Gallery]

     It was a very sad moment when my friend and I realized that we weren’t going to make it down to Forest City, North Carolina on time to catch the Subtronics performance at this small, friends and family festival known as Neon Weekend. We would have been speeding down the highway with sand from Ocean City, MD flying in every corner just to, possibly, catch his performance. It wasn’t long before the Bass Gods answered our prayers, and showed us a very, very saucy looking Ganja White Night show just three hours south in the largest city in Virginia – Virginia Beach Baby! One of my favorite VA performers, TopHat, was actually booked to perform as one of the opening acts of the night, and that’s the only reason we discovered this gem of a show. It had been over two years since I had been to the Peabody’s, and Marena is from the Midwest, so casually driving to Virginia Beach isn’t really an option for her! Needless to say, we were stoked. My last Ganja White Night performance was on a little man made beach at Okeechobee Music Festival, where my heart nearly stopped because of how glorious the vibes turned out to be. But let me tell you about this Virginia Beach set….

    It was one of the most glorious spectacles of live Electronic Music performing that I had ever experienced. As Bamby said through the microphone “We are not DJs, we are performers“, or something along those lines, as he and Erwan jammed away on their assortment of beat pads and mixers. You couldn’t go five minutes without someone getting hoisted up to hang on to the rails that extended from the roof – you could often see shirtless crazies doing pull ups for five minutes before their limbs gave out, even the security guards were enjoying the entertainment, as they often threw water on the crowd right when bass dropped, like when the boys dropped their “Wobble Master VIP” and got the crowd going INSANE. But this isn’t a full review, just an outlet to the photos that GWN and their team let me grab! (Shout outs Max, that was an absolute blast). Always remember to bring an extra pack of batteries folks – that way you don’t have to turn your flash on and off for three hours, trying to work out some miracles. Click on the Photo below to view the Full Album and Enjoy the Fun! Please feel free to share this with your friends on Facebook!

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