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Getting Lost With Mikes Revenge [Thrilling New Music Update]

    Are you ready to learn about some exotic new Bass music? I want to take this moment to showcase a ferociously heavy hitting, dedicated production duo from Charlotte’s neighboring culture filled beacon of art, otherwise known as Atlanta. Bass music aficionados will find a special home in Mikes Revenge, mainly because of how much work members Reveng Sairany and Michael Donahue have put towards crafting a tasteful, yet destructive sound. I have a lot of respect for East Coast producers who really want to get their name out there and share their music with as many listening ears as possible. Reveng reached out to me on Facebook and shared an extremely filthy track that was recently released on the infamous Buygore record label.  My mind was blown from the moment the drop kicked in. Since the release of “Spirit Gun“, the duo has released a reckless new single crafted with the help of Jimmy Wit an H and Junior Charles. Let’s take a listen to some of their newest Trap heavy, audible treats, you won’t be dissapointed.

  Longtime Dubstep veteran, Borgore, obviously noticed a yearning potential in the Atlanta duo when he decided to sign their tune “Spirit Gun” to Buygore. This Bass cannon banger starts off with an angelic like flow that slowly transitions into a heavy hitting, psychoactive, trapped out, lazer war. I’m extremely grateful that this tune was thrown in my face at the time, because it is absolutely worth the listen, and beyond fun to rage out to.

 What I really appreciate about Mikes Revenge is their ability to craft unique feelings that come about while wobbling around to their music. It’s safe to say that they took a completely different direction on their newest track “Gang Shit“. I can only imagine what kind of shenanigans Mikes Revenge engaged in while brainstorming with Jimmy Wit an H and Junior Charles. But whatever took place paved way for a swanky new single that is absolutely perfect for any occasion that calls for trouble in paradise. Tell your local DJs and friends who love to spin to take note! This Hybrid Trap heater is the perfect tune to add to your swanky Bass cannon armory – especially if you want the crowd to get extra rowdy. Thank you for the raw music Mikes Revenge, you guys are the real deal!

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– Zyven

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