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Getting to Know Belgium’s Cybertr0n [Exclusive Interview]

A few months ago I stumbled across a production tutorial from a guy name Charly Montana, a trap producer from Belgium. Turns out that Charly Montana also produces some of the most intense and creative Dubstep music that this world has to offer. If the name Cybertr0n rings a bell, it’s because you probably just watched your favorite Transformers movie, or maybe you just discovered the worldwide banger “Jagerwomb” at a local Riddim function. Whatever your reason might be,if you wanted to learn more about the man behind tunes like “Illuminacho,” “Spooky OG,” and “Voodoo,” you’ve come to the right place. We now proudly present our 2020 Cybetr0n Interview!

How’s it going Cybertr0n! What part of Belgium are you from brother? Can you tell us a little bit about how the Dubstep culture differs throughout your country?

Yoyoyo, I’m from the french speaking side of Belgium g. About Dubstep, it’s not very famous where I live, but in the Flamish side it’s different, they have really good events over there like Skankerz, Quake, Space Invaderz and many more!

Those are all great events. We’ve got to know where you got your name. Are you big into Autobots and Decepticons?

Yes man, my nickname represents the planet where all this shit got alive. I chose my name when I was like fifteen or sixteen years old, in that period I was a really big fan of Transformers, all this robot aliens fighting together, shit looks like Dubstep haha!

That’s a great reason man. I’ve recently come across your tune “NSM” on Void Audio featuring non other than the French badmon SHRQ. How did you develop a relationship with the legend and go about creating this weird tune?

Yes haha I’ve met SHRQ at the last Skankerz I used to play, we went to an afterparty in my car during hours with AD and another friend of mine, that’s when and how I met him. It was pretty crazy! About our collaboration on “NSM”, he only did the vocals haha, that’s why I wrote “FT.” SHRQ, the vocal clips are audio clips sent from him on Messenger.
When he talked and we could hear his girlfriend in the back say “Fabien, shut up I’m watching television” hahaha

He’s a great guy. Tell us a little bit about how the rave culture differs from Flanders and Wallonia.

As I told you before, most of the “ravers” are going to Hardcore or Hardstyle or mainstream events.. When I was 16 until my 20’s I always went to events in Flanders because I didn’t like the music in Wallonian parties.. at all… So big respect to Flanders!!!

MUCH LOVE FLANDERS! So a while ago I first discovered the Cybertr0n project because of a tune called “Who’s Jeff”, what can you tell us about how this tune came to existence?

Haha it’s been so long, but I always loved making wonky tunes with samples coming from cartoons, and Dexter is one of the best of them!

Who is Charly Montana 6K? I first heard of this project from a YouTube video you shared with your fans. You have a great personality for making vlogs!

Thanks! 🙂 It’s my sideproject where I make beats for rappers, also as you said I’m making vlogs and also going to make videos where I show how I make my music. Like the video I made “How to make a Trap Beat in 3 Minutes.”

You’ve got a great personality for the camera. How did you and Emilian Wonk link up and become friends and collaborators?

It has been a looooong time ago, almost 6 or 7 years I think. We were making music together and video calling all nights before, and not so long ago he came to Belgium and he lived a couple of weeks at my home, was hella funny and productive!

What is your absolute top three favorite originals you have ever created?

In my opinion, I prefer my remix of Cruelkit – “Coke Fizz“, my “Jagerwomb” collab with my g’s Glockz and Azabim but also my tune “Guacamole Street Gang”! They are in my opinion the most original tunes I have made.

All of those tunes are fire! I’ve heard “Guacamole Street Gang” but I didn’t know that was you! Share a special memory from one of your shows this year. Something that you will never forget.

The one I will never forget was my show in Montreal, Canada! I had the best week of my life there and I met amazing people! Big respect to Canadian people!

Brother. I came to Montreal to play for the first time, just TWO days after that show! With Glockz and I7! What are some other countries in Europe that you have really enjoyed performing? Which are some of the best nightclubs for a wonky Dub show?

Hmm I would say France was cool or also Prague! Storm Club is really crazy in Prague! Oh also Panama Club was crazy in Amsterdam at the Willy Wonk show!

We can only imagine. One day! Who are some artist (bands, rappers, singers) that you could recommend to your readers to check out?

Hmmmn, there are so much underrated artists at the moment, I would recommend my g’s Azabim and Glockz for sure! Also FlaXDUBZ and Jub, these motherfuckers are making the best original wonky sound at the moment!

All legends g. What do you have coming up next for Cybertr0n to kick off this decade?

Actually I finished and started working on collabs with Akeos, Hukae, Crowell, Monxx & Prizm, also a lot of originals coming really soon!”


Be sure to check out the three winners from the “Jagerwomb” remix contest!

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