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Glass Animals x Joey Bada$$ *New Single*

When Two Worlds Collide,  

     There’s nothing more exciting than seeing two completely different genres smoothly mesh together to create a new sound. When you take a British band with a melodic and soulful vibe like Glass Animals, known for their 2014 debut album Zaba which features a plethora of hit singles, and a Brooklyn native my age who kick-started his career in 2012 with some ill raps that showed that a New York youth is capable of rhyming like a teen growing up in the 90s, you get this. 

      But unlike most of his songs that carry that old school rhythm that simply makes you wanna nod your head and chill, Joey’s flow on Lose Control is upbeat, hyper, and exciting; Joey basically went “Super Saiyan 47 on this shit”, as the top comment by Revok Smith reads. Glass Animals held the instrumentals down and made sure that this song was 100% dance floor acceptable; you almost feel like you’re in a jungle. We’re excited to see all the potential EDM remixes that can be made with this one. Good looks on stirrin up the pot boys. Also, shout out to my younger brother for showing me this badass jam, you the man Z.

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