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Good Nature Collective Drops Saucy Full-Length Collaboration

My Fellow Sound Connoisseurs,


Unless its reading this article… in that case, proceed.

If at any time you’d trust my word, I HIGHLY ADVISE for it to be right now.


Now, for those of you whoms’t enjoy reading unnecessary narratives by a guy who says way too many words and likes music a little too much,


       What does an ideal day look like to you? Or rather, sound like? Do you like to pair your coffee with an extra shot or 20 of that fantastic low frequency we call bass? Do you ride around with the windows down greeting unfamiliar ears with unique and refreshing sounds? Do your subs bump a fusion of peculiar vibrations and captivating melodies a random passerby most likely has never heard? Well I do… (the secrets out).  I’ve been amped for months over these tunes because the guys over at the Good Nature Collective have blessed us with the ability to make every day like the one described above. I live for crop dusting unsuspecting pedestrians- 10 points for each perplexed bass face- with audible delicatessen that frequently leaves them confused, looking at one another like, “What in the world was that noise- uh, music?” “I have no idea but honestly I high-key loved it.”

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       My gratitude goes out to the insanely talented lads that’ve come together once again to deliver yet another brilliant installment of the “Good Nature Collective.” These guys have amassed such a stunning collection of artistic styles, gifting anyone lucky enough to stumble across them a literal goldmine of fresh, original, and satisfying bass tunes.

       Special S/O for allowing me to do what I love most, which is to share legitimate artistry with anyone that will listen. I could write a paragraph for just about every single track on this spectacular compilation, but I’ll save you the eyesore and highlight (or at least try) the tracks that I think showcase the talent of the collective best.

       Right off the jump, native of Los Angeles and founder of the Good Nature Collective Milan, pulls up with a heater that perfectly sets the tone for the rest of the compilation. The artist boasts a refreshing flow and orchestrates authentic sound design with ease as a brilliant testament to the raw talent the collective represents.

       Next up, the duo, dubbed bd hbt, makes no haste to respond to its predecessor. Bd hbt furthers the ominous tone set by Milan, and offers up an enveloping series of beefy wubs that are randomly interrupted by eclectic audio bites and unique sounds that stimulate the senses, leaving you nodding your head with the same swagger the duo must’ve felt whilst producing this banger.

       Picking up the mood a bit, Brio leaves his mark with a track titled “Bustin“, which adds a lively bass bumpin’ hip hop element to the so-far-so-fire collection of tunes. The track combines an impressive melodic foundation with boundary pushing sound design that demonstrates the producer’s expert capabilities. The first drop sends you down a phasing tunnel of sirens that gets your head bobbing without even realizing it, then drops you off at the doorstep of a confident lyricist who raps an assortment of catchy bars that add a little spice to the overall sauce of the collective.

       The next tune is what my people would call, “a shlap” & is easily one of my favorites out of the entire compilation.Violent Content” brings the listener back to the ominous mood previously set by Milan and Bd Hbt, which was paused briefly by Brio. The track fearlessly guides the listener throughout a violent tirade of deep wubs and brilliantly stimulating samples that ambush from every direction, yet work absurdly well. Leave it to Snuffy to completely annihilate his submission to the collective. With every twist and turn, the sonic mastermind leaves you with your chin dropped, baffled at the pure artistry he so boldly displays. This man possesses one of the tightest flows from any producer I’ve ever heard, so be sure to check out his other tunes, you won’t regret it! By the last drop you’ll be looking around asking… ” w h o i s t h i s ? ? “

       At this point you might be thinking “okay he’s actually writing a paragraph for each track…” but truly I tell you, I  legitimately just appreciate all of these tunes that much. I’ll try to be more brief 🙂

       Following the heels of Snuffy, Stosu brings us the unique and satisfyingly heavy sound design journey titled “Desert Shaningans“. This installment is one of the songs in particular that I like to play in my car ridiculously loud for all to hear. The sounds are certainly never-heard-before, and come out of nowhere in the most enticing way.

       FRQ NCY quickly and without hesitation pushes the rarity and out-of-the-ordinary nature of this Good collective. If you fancy a song that can closely be described as ‘the narration of a human transforming into a Toad’, and are interested in achieving “Toad Status“, this tune is certainly for you.

       I’m not quite sure how this next track makes me feel the way it does, but I am insanely grateful for the mind of Hoven and his creation. This bass heavy, yet immensely ethereal banger, “Giveaway“, will absolutely have you nodding your head and vibing no matter where you are or what you’re doing. It is the simple yet conceptually artistic tunes like this one that consistently solidify my obsession with the art of music, and I’m not mad even slightly. 

       For episcool, sound design and structurally diverse tracks like “Peak” obviously come naturally- at least I imagine they do. This bada$$ chick will have you questioning your pride with her pungent swagger and riveting flow of bass that slaps you back and forth, leaving only a grotesque stank face and another one of those, “w h o i s t h i s ? ? “. You’d better keep an eye on episcool … just take a quick trip over to her soundcloud and you’ll understand why.

       The next three tracks of the compilation form a mini-collection of sub-human wonky bass tunes, all displaying each respective artist’s ability to push the boundaries of sound. Mike Jones‘ submission “No Room” features a peculiar 360 degree journey through more sounds than you probably thought you could handle. The tune, although, is nothing short of impressive. Its Astro then takes the wheel with his entry “Thiccup” and carries the sub-group down a slower exhibition through what sounds like a river surrounded by miniature alien life. Then, for the sub-group’s final act, almost knocking us into the next dimension, Rymani delivers a psychedelic head-spin that brings the collective to its peak oddity. Consistent with the brand of the collective, though, each of these tracks maintain original sound design and fresh flow which (at least for me) forces the listener to question how in the world these artists aren’t famous yet.

       Still floating, minds spun out by the last three tracks, we somehow find our way to the awkward, yet strangely emotional and passion-filled track titled “Awkward” by Troy Kete & HILLS. This tune has found its way onto the list of music I will always seem to draw something out of. Most of the time it’s something new, something about what I’m doing on this crazy planet, or something that sheds light on the many things I take for granted daily. Regardless, I really enjoy the vibes of this one, and I’m sure you will too.


   Anyways, up next we’ve got a tune titled “Remedy” from the talented THRPY that bumps a fresh-off-the-press beat, structured by heavy drum samples, a tight melody, and a full dose of that swagger we’ve started to anticipate from this collective.

       Taking it back to the flavor of bass we began the compilation with, Kurei gets the low end wobblin’ as we try to figure out how so many of these tunes are so HEAT. (FYI) This fresh prod. has a variety of tunes on Soundcloud that are definitely worth a listen, so be sure to do that ASAP. His tune “i gotchu” comes and goes so quickly you might miss it, so be sure to pay attention.

( e s p e c i a l l y when the next track lies w a i t i n g close behind )

       HOLD ON TO YOUR KNICKERS FOLKS, WE’RE BACK AGAIN WITH A CERTIFIED PREMIUM GRADE A SLAPPER. If you haven’t heard of NO DOZ before, I can bet you wish you had by now. This monster of a tune, “Demons” is 100% a prime example of something I rinse with my windows down, blaring the absolutely gorgeous cornucopia of heavy bass wubs. I’m honestly quite speechless with this one, so go check it out for yourself and while you’re there. I’m positive you’ll understand why your knickers should be securely fastened.

       Next up is “Kubrick’s Kerfuffle” by the incredibly talented sonic artisan, Danforth. The producer submits a bass thumping piece of art that delivers a simple, yet enticing melodic sonnet. The emotions this track delivers are certainly out of the ordinary, yet satisfying nonetheless.

       Nearing the end of the Good Nature Collective’s most recent installment, we are left with some of the dirtiest sub rockin’ head knockin’ tracks of the compilation. RVKIT, an incredibly inventive prod. with his delightful bass bumping vibe “Zirin“, Drevm, the mind boggling bass engineers and their buzzing sub bass in “Alchemist“, ZCR with the powerful trap tune “Sheet Metal” that will likely have you feeling at least 18% more hype than you previously were, the Orange County native LAF and his phenomenally executed low end banger “Knowledge“, and last but certainly not least, the Russian beatmaker ERBES who closes out the compilation with a fire flow of sharp punchy synths and sub hits in his submission, “Error“.

       Since I’m sure that you’re exhausted by now, (trust me, I am too) I’ll leave you with this. ALL of these producers are insanely talented and have content on their accounts to prove it. Compared to the popular tracks streamed daily, it is truly mind blowing that legitimate talent and pure artistry similar to that of these producers can just go left unnoticed, cast beneath the shadow of the tracks that get attention simply because they sound like the other tracks that have gotten attention… Each person featured on this compilation possesses an inspiring rarity, and each has managed to stay true to putting out tunes exactly how they want them. I respect all of them immensely and I hope this brand of bass music finds its way to the airways soon, because it is certainly long overdue.

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– Tristan


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