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Gram Greene Drops Fire on the Masses with New GramGore Volume #555

 Take a deep breath and relax, eat some food, grab a little drink, ’cause it’s now time for a new Gram Greene super mix. Yes ladies and gentlemen, the lad behind all those crazy Riddim videos of true dons like Subfiltronik, Crowell, Yakz, and DA Force has finally put out a brand new mix for the Riddim monsters to get jiggy with. What starts off as a slow boom bap hiphop theme with Future chanting his Young Metro intro, mixed with an Australian Watermark Goddess saying “Hi this Gram Greene, and you’re now listening to GramGore Volume 555,” quickly turns into a high intensity, nasty, grimey womp swamp. Brace up or shut up, this 34 minute mix is pure, raw, fire.

     The New Jersey based hotboi does a great job at selecting some of the filthiest tunes in the underground Bass Music scene: a few IDs to melt your pantaloons include Ranga’s “Hack Track,” the Yakz remix of Kozik’s hit single, “Lunch,” and the GramGreene spesh for Ryu Blokker by Styn. The most intense double drops of the mix include Aowl’s “Real”with Draco’s “Orochimaru 2016,” as well as, wait for it: Black Out double dropped with Jura’s “Simon the Digger.” How you feeling after that? Smash that play button because you’re in for a treat.

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