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[Greenville Concert Announcement] The Pit with: Devious

     Hippie Pit or Die is a promotional company out of Greenville, South Carolina that has recently been making a lot of waves in the upstate rave scene. Having booked SQUNTO recently, among a series of other well put together events, HPOD Presents is bringing non other than Raleigh veteran DJ and producer, Devious.

    The trap producer from the City of Oaks has been gaining a lot of attention with his consistent Facebook video releases and popular singles such as Kratos which was released on Hybrid Trap, and Up In It which was released via Trap Sounds featuring Brazilian artist, Rico Act.

     This show will be taking place this Friday, January 13th at Club Luna. Opening support will be provided by Carolina DJs, Gatman, Crash Course, DYS, DJ Soulless, and DAZED N’ CNFZD. Let the Squad know and RSVP HERE today. You can also purchase your tickets right HERE. ENJOY!

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– Zyven


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