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Greetings From New England: The KingPin Interview

Hello and welcome back to the Charlotte Sessions for another special interview with a special Connecticut based artist performing at So We Heard You Like Dubstep Volume 5. Today, we’re showing love to the Underground once again by locking in with non other than KingPin to ask him a few questions about his love and involvement in the Dubstep scene. I had the pleasure of meeting a fun group of Dino loving compadre’s from all over the northeast at my first visit to the Electric Forest. Ever since that fateful day, the Dino family has grown tremendously, and from this beauitful, wonky, reunión cake non other than Jack Wilcox, otherwise known as the KingPin – so without further ado, I now present you to the man of the hour.

What’s going on brother! Welcome to the Charlotte Sessions, what part of Connecticut are you from?
My homie! Thanks so much for welcoming me into this family. I’m from a quaint town called Fairfield. We’ve got a small, yet strong Riddim scene, but there’s no lack of wookery.

Spread the Riddim like a wildfire! What kind of food is Fairfield known for? What are some absolute must try restaurants that you can recommend?
We got some classic burger and dog joints that are always a good move around here. My Favorites are Super Duper Weenie, and Rawleys.

I know CT has a nice little Riddim scene because of Scotty Runks and Connecticut Live, what’s the energy like at one of these shows?
I haven’t made it out to as many shows as I’d like to lately, but the CT scene is definitely alive and well. All the shows in CT that I have been able to hit have been awesome, great vibes all around.

I thought Pablo Escobar was the true kingpin! How did you go about adopting this moniker my friend?
It took me a while to really lockdown a name I liked. I went with my initials for a while which is RJ3, but one day I was watching a clip from the kingpin in a Spiderman episode. I thought to myself that this character is the perfect embodiment of my music, heavy, angry and villainous. So I took on the name Kingpin and it finally felt right.

Earlier this summer I ran into you at Lost Lands for a few minutes, what are some of your thoughts on Jeffstival part 3? What were your favorite memories of the weekend?
It was awesome running into you, always get excited when I see that lab coat! This was my first Lost Lands, and it was heaven on earth for me. A combination of my two favorite things – Riddim and Dinos! I was amazed at how well the festival checked all my marks. Easy water access, short lines, wonderful people, and a whole lot of bass. The pre-party was actually one of my favorite parts of the weekend, seeing GramGreene get up there was a massive breath of fresh air and a huge step in bringing the underground to the main stage!

Who are some of your absolute favorite Riddim producers who are making waves in the scene right now?
I’ve been really into Kill Feed, Marauda, Leotrix, and Aweminus. These guys have been pushing boundaries in sound design and I rinse their tunes in all my sets!

Whats got you most excited about performing at SO We Heard You Like Dubstep Volume 5?
I’m excited to see what the scene is like down in Charlotte – I’ve heard so many good things, and I can’t wait to experience it first hand.

What can the good people of the Carolinas expect from your performance?
Lets just say that I can’t guarantee anyone’s safety during my set.

We hope to see you at SERJ on November 9th for the KingPin Carolina debut! You can Purchase Tickets to So We Heard You Like Dubstep Volume 5 Here!

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– Zyven
 (The Riddim Professor)

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