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[Concert Review] Ganja White Night: Underground Heroes Bless Charlotte

When Belgian Bass Music Hits North Carolina

     Alright, let’s just start with this. We’ve been to hundreds of shows, we’ve seen anybody from Flux Pavilion, Funtcase, and Diplo to The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Weeknd, Bassnectar and Tyler The Creator. Shoot, we even saw Paul McCartney in Chicago last summer. But in all honesty, SOMA Entertainment did something special when they decided to bring one of the most popular Deep Dubstep duos to Charlotte. Ganja White Night was by far one of the most entertaining and enjoyable shows that we’ve ever been to.

     Could it have been the venue? The promoters? The vibes in the room orthe people who were there? Or how about Ganja White Night themselves? All of these key elements allowed such an unforgettable and special event to take place. When we pulled up to the venue there were at least fifty people smoking cigs and relaxing outside, this was a sign that the inside of the venue had to packed. We weren’t wrong.

    The place was packed from wall to wall. While we thought the crowd was going to be the usual NC Bassheads that hit up almost every good rave that comes to the Queen City, we were wrong. There were all different types and groups of people. From your typical bi-weekly ravers, to young adults who had just spent all week crunching numbers behind a desk, to glovers and flow toy specialists, to sorority girls and their fraternity counterparts, there was even a guy dressed up as a wizard. Age was definitely not a deal breaker. We saw fifty year olds, and we saw middle aged couples. We saw fresh out of high school 18 year olds, to young twenty-something year old rave veterans; it was a beautiful sight to see. And all were there for Ganja White Night.

     The Visulite Theater has been in Charlotte for years now. Before it was a popular concert hall, the venue used to be a movie and performance theater. Smart business decisions were made and the place suddenly became one of the new spots in our Queen City to put on a show. The neat part was that October 22nd marked SOMA Entertainment’s debut show at The Visulite Theater. And what better way to mark history than with a group like Ganja White Night?

    Good music was in the air. Brightside was currently on stage tearing everyone’s mind into pieces with his selection of deep, futuristic, mellow dubs. Out of the 3 or 4 times that he’s been to North Carolina this year, we had never seized the moment to catch him live. But on that Saturday night we experienced a genre that is slowly being conquered by the right people. Space-like beats poured out of the Visulite’s intense sound system. As one looked around the room it was easy to tell those who were feeling the vibes, from those who simply wanted to see Ganja White Night hit the stage. Fear not kids, GWN will come into the picture soon.     Brightside soon finished his futuristic action packed set; suddenly a man sporting a bright orange Adidas jacket popped out from behind the curtains to tinker on the DJ booth. It seemed like he was preparing the equipment for Ganja White Night, who were minutes from performing for the first time in North Carolina. Suddenly, two guys wearing similar Adidas jackets as their tour manager made their way to the DJ booth and started plugging in their USBs. The men of the hour were finally about to melt our city with their deep wobbles and reggae themed dubs.     Arwyn and Ben make up the super duo that is Ganja White Night. It’s safe to say that most people didn’t really know that the GWN was actually a duo, and not just a solo project. Sooner than we expected, Ganja White Night was filtering their melodious, bass rippling sounds through the Visulite’s sound system. It’s a bit difficult to see, but the duo had a pair of CDjs set up side by side with their own mixers. The two aren’t your typical live DJs, as they put together a lot of the sounds live on stage.

     While this was the Mr. Wobble Tour, appropriately named after GWN’s most recent full length LP, the duo performed several other songs from their extensive category of music. Throughout the whole night all we saw in the crowd was shoulders bouncing and heads wobblin’ from left to right. Songs like “Propaganda” and “Bass Ripples” are some of the few that display that Ganja White Night is not your typical “Dubstep” production duo. Their music is literally designed to raise spirits and make even the saddest of people get up and dance. Propaganda was actually the first GWN song we’ve ever heard.

  However, our favorite song of the night, by far, was a collab done with The Widdler called The Conductor. You can hear a deep voice echo the words “Six Million ways to die… Choose one, choose one, choose one.” That song gets us, every. single. time! We looked around the room and saw some of the funkiest dance moves for that track. Charlotte wasn’t ready for them to drop “Mr. Wobble,” but when they did, we swear it felt like the whole performance of that track lasted at least 5 minutes; but we loved every second of it. Other tracks off the Mr. Wobble album include Wobble Master, Obstinacy and “LFO Requiem,” which they actually just released a music video for. (Check out Stay Nappy‘s clip of the show below).

    Vibes turned dark and deep when Ganja White Night started busting out other older tracks like Black Widow, and the ever so popular “Bubblegum” off their Mystic Herbalist album. From their Hybrid Distillery album they played several songs, ranging from the powerful sensation given off by “Blackberries” where that beautiful voice echoes “Oh, ain’t nobody faster than me soo ohhh,” to funky tracks like “Zamal.” We’re almost certain that GWN played tracks off their first album known as In the Garden. We’ll be damned if they didn’t perform their remix of Orbatak’s track “Ganja.”  Other tracks performed throughout the night include “Wild Vine” with Grimblee, “Kraken,” “Bourbon,” and the crowd favorite, “Champagne.”

     Overall, this show was incredibly special. We literally got to hear everything we wanted from Ganja White Night. The set was %100 original, entertaining, and unforgettable to say the least. We had such a great time that we ended up following GWN to their show in Athens, Georgia that following Tuesday. Once again SOMA Entertainment, we are extremely grateful for the good vibes. We can’t wait for your 2 Year Anniversary with 12th Planet and Crowell, coming this February.

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