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Happy 808 Day From The Straight Up Underground [Bonus Elements News]

   Alright my fellow bassheads…I don’t know about you, but I woke up this morning with that tingly feeling in my toes that I get when my food comes out at a restaurant. Why you might ask? Because I could feel that the bass gods were brewing up something special. While I prepared for the day I turned on my, “The King” playlist, I was pleasantly shook when I noticed the date. That’s right, it’s August 8th aka 8/08 day, so don’t hate it too much. And if you thought this was just a Bassnectar appreciation article then you too are in for an 808 Dubstep dream.

    I just got off my flight from my home base in Charleston, South Carolina to revisit my hometown in Connecticut and venture off to Elements in the Big Apple with my sister on Saturday. As if this one-day fest wasn’t already going to be magical enough with my personal favorite headliners like Subtronics and Goldfish, Lorin decided to surprise us all and go back to the EDM roots by putting on a special underground show in Brooklyn, NY following Elements on Tuesday the 14th. If you need to take a second to reread that go ahead I’ll still be here, it took me about 22 reads until I finally believed it myself.

  On Facebook  Bassnectar stated that the throw down will take place in a single small room with low ceilings and a four corner sound system. However, there will be no lights, cameras, phones or a stage. There, he plans to manifest his roots by playing all old records including all different styles such as hip hop, dub reggae and even some acid house. But here’s the catch…you’re going to have to do more than just open a candy bar to get this golden glitch hop ticket and if you’re attending Elements this weekend you’ll want to keep reading.

   The Ambassadors will be hiding 50 passes around the venue where clues regarding their whereabouts will be shared on the Bassnectar official channels, which you can find on Elements website.  Not to mention if you go to his Instagram or Facebook you can enter once to win as well through the link is his bio.

  Until then, I will be in my OG stomping grounds rereading all of the Hardy Brother’s mysteries to re amp my clue skillset. If you see a crazy blonde girl running around in light up cat ears and the black and gold Bassnectar pash, come join me in the hunt and I hope to find you and myself in the underground. View the full lineup for Elements below!

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