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Happy Birthday Andy Bruh

We Met Someone Cool in Athens!

     Atlanta DJ and producer Andy Bruh was celebrating another blessed year living on this beautiful plan the right way. Who would have thought that putting together a birthday after party directly after the Ganja White Night show in Athens would be a good idea? Well Andy, you did one hell of a job with that one, because it was absolutely lit.img_6505

     Hundreds of kids packed out the rooftop at the Georgia Theater as Andy spun banger after banger for over two hours straight. The music was insane and the vibes were special. There’s something about DJing your own birthday party that really puts the crowd in a good mood. Everyone wants to hear and dance to what the birthday boy wants to hear, and that’s exactly how it should be.

      We can’t wait for our next live Andy Bruh experience, you have truly made supporters out of us. Happy Birthday, keep up the grind.img_6469

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–   Zyven

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