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Headbanger’s Delight: OG Nixin’s Attitude EP Proves to Be Deadly

The legendary Los Angeles Dubstep samurai is back in the streets again after unleashing a massive EP showcasing all of his new, wild thoughts composed in the form of some of the filthiest bangers to hit the underground Bass world this year. Let me be the guy to tell you at this very moment.. That this fresh project that miraculously made its way from the confines of OG Nixin‘s hard drive to our ears, is the gnarly audible journey that you’ve been waiting for. If you’ve ever been called a Headbanger, a Riddim Robot, or even as Bass Zombie, I’m proud to say that the new Attitude EP has all of the sounds to satisfy your thrill.

The California musician kicks off his project with the self titled track of the EP. I don’t think he could have picked a better way to show listeners that the that they are in for an absolute treat filled with nothing but bangers. OG Nixin has that ability to teleport you to a grimey Bass dungeon in the heart of the City of Angels for a few moments. But as far as the Attitude EP goes, it features a full City of Demons type of vibe, this EP isn’t for the faint of heart, but it is certainly perfect for those of you who like to get down and dirty to some inspiring Dubstep music.

But I’m getting ahead of myself by saying that this tune sends us straight to LA – the beginning of “Attitude” actually features a series of serene notes that carry a heavy Asian influence, immediately taking us to a hidden mystical forest in Takayama. But then, as the familiar and grungy voice of ScHoolboy Q starts echoing through your ears, you realize that you’re getting yourself into a whole mess of insanity. The “John Muir” sample is one of the coolest elements I’ve heard used in Dubstep to date – if you already know the lyrics, you’ll be singing the missing three bars from the chorus before Q comes back to say “Trynna turn a dollar to a million, hoe what’s happenin”! Up next is the part where OG Nixin rips your head off.

The next tune to come off this gloriously filthy EP is titled “Party Alarm“, and it carries more of a wonky, robotic feel while still maintaining that gangster appeal by throwing in lines from guys like Busta Rhymes yelling out “Break your fucking neck“. Maybe some of our more movie cultured readers could inform us as about some of the other vocal samples thrown in this tune. Definitely a heater.

The Attitude EP concludes with an unapologeticically classy Dubstep thrasher designed to make fans absolutely geek out and rage in any given situation. After breaking in the West Side pledge of allegiance, “Still the Same” builds up its grotesque drop with a beautiful string of classical keys that remind us of the other OG OGs such as Bethoven and Bach. But back to the Dubstep. I would certainly be on the lookout for those DJs playing festivals this season to throw this one in their mix, you’ll immediately be surrounded by a sea of everlasting stank faces.

As the legends goes, “A great OG will return from the shadows to bring light through smiles and friendship and darkness through sound and craft – at some moments, he will behave and at others he will fuck you up in heartbeat.”

We now welcome, the return of OG Nixin.

  As a bonus, I’m happy to announce that OG Nixin has dropped a new anthem to get all of us samurai’s to go wild and chop our imaginary Riddim swords all over the place. “California Style” samples the authentic nature of Westside Connection, super group composed of Mack 10, Ice Cube and WC waiting for you.

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He’s Still the Same OG!

– Zyven

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