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Argentina’s Hellboy Strikes Again (New Music Alert)

When I first caught wind of a South American producer who possessed the same name as one of my all time favorite mercenaries, I got really excited because I knew his sound would carry a devilishly enticing flow. I started listening to some of the sounds that Hellboy had put out for everyone on this incredible planet we live on, I knew he would be a great fit for the new project I had in store for my growing label, Charlotte Sessions Audio. He’s collabed with some of the greatest producers in the underground Riddim scene such as Kinetic, Chromadubz, Cross Dubz and NT – and if I had to share one of these collabs with you, it would be “Los Gringos“.

That was pretty fire wasn’t it? Wait ’till you hear what kind of firepower Hellboy had in store for the Sessions when he joined us for a worldwide adventure on the Riddim Boat. “Funny Mummy” paints a dark and mysterious journey through the catacombs of Egypt. A young warrior of Argentine descent was visiting the castles in Lichenstein while he received a calling card from the Gods. It was now time to travel to Cairo to wipe out an evil mummy who was terrorizing the local people – this is what his battle against that Mummy sounded like.

I also wanted to share a new remix that Hellboy and NAMELESS created for the don Emilian Wonk. It’s grimy and sinister to say the least.

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– Zyven (The Riddim Professor)

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