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Help! Bukez Finezt & Ternion Sound Have Acid Indigestion!

     Wonky, Wild, and Mystifying. Those are just a few of the words that I can comfortably use to describe a massive new project that just made its way into my life. One of my favorite parts about life is being able to work and collaborate with others on new art projects, and I feel like these group of producers from two opposite sides of the world feel very similar. The “Silly German” from Cologne, mister Bukez Finezt and the triple threat production group Ternion Sound have joined forces to create a strange yet crunchy single titled “Acid Indigestion”, and I know that you deep dish pizza bass monsters will really enjoy.

I’m a very big fan of the creative and somewhat cartoon styled tunes that Bukez Finezt puts out – he always seems to know exactly what kind of freaky noises are rumbling through our minds on a day to day basis. On the other hand, I remember first seeing one of Ternion Sounds’ key members, Apparation, throw down a dubtastick performance at SNOWTA Music Festival back in January which stood out more than most sets throughout the weekend. A few months later I come to find out that a few other Minnesota producers known as Johnny Foreplay and Nostalgia create alluring deep Bass sounds with Apparition under the name Ternion Sound. I can only imagine what kind of ruckus these four got into during their studio session for “Acid Indigestion” whenever Bukez was visiting Minnesota. This zany tune would be the perfect theme song for a massive alien intergalactic space war as sentient beings from multiple dimensions fight for the right to take over Earth. But don’t worry, that’s what the US Space Force is for right? BIG UPS on the fantastic collaboration gentlemen.




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Beware for the German and Minnesotan Invasion…

– Zyven

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