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Herobust & Monxx Unleash New Spawns of The Giant Squiddim

     Rising up from the deepest, darkest, depths of the mystical bass abyss from which the “Giant Squiddim” emerged during the last summer solstice, comes five new Squiddim spawns of arguably equal nautical filth. Each of these newly discovered Squiddim renditions boast characteristics true to the different regions of the bass abyss from which they’ve emerged. Believe it or not, each remix possesses the true essence of the original “Giant Squiddim” that many souls across America have been lucky enough to witness firsthand, but with their own special twist.

Not many people really know the true story of how it came to be that Atlanta’s Herobust and Peterborough, UK’s Monxx discovered these massive marine cephalopods, but one thing is for sure… it is without a shadow of a doubt that these two genius bass engineers know exactly how to manipulate these creatures in order to use their power for their own demise. This ability is both frightening and impressive, as the power of one Giant Squiddim is enough to ensnare a crowd of thousands into an oceanic trance of aggressive headbanging. Although, the new Squiddims were not solely harnessed by the two producers mentioned above, but with the help of four upcoming bass disciples who have proven their ability to command authority over the fabled Giant Squiddims.

     Reports from the scene of the first attack detail Herobust conducting a powerful, resonant, dark Squiddim that seems to have risen from the deepest depths of the bass abyss the Squiddims are said to have risen from. This sighting features an ominous cephalopod creature roaming the coast just below sea-level, not appearing to have proposed a threat to any civilians, yet undoubtedly instilled a level of fear into those who witnessed it. Herobust’s ability to harness the wet, murky, and intense spirit of the creature is certainly an incredible feat that perfectly introduces the series of sightings that came to follow.

 The next appearance of the infamous Squiddim had certainly risen the threat level from the previous sighting, preparing those nearby for a new danger. Many accounts detail a wonky 6’3 figure named Monxx orchestrating from behind the scenes of the chaos. Spectators of the event detail a massive squid-like creature wreaking havoc among the coastline as hoards of unsuspecting beachgoers attempted to evade the humongous Squiddim creature’s tentacles, as they flailed about in a surprisingly filthy Riddim fashion. Many onlookers had communicated with authorities yet before they arrived the creature vanished back into the depths from which it came.

  Almost immediately after the previous sighting, on a beach several miles down the coast, an enormous, seemingly mechanical Squiddim had managed to crawl out of the deep murky water by the command of two recently identified individuals by the names of Graphyt and Ecraze. This sighting was entirely more chaotic and terrifying, with unimaginable destruction plaguing the nearby area. Fortunately, authorities had responded quickly and met the raging creature with tanks emptying machine gun artillery rounds as the monster continued to cause destruction to the coastline. Then, just as the Squiddim appeared to make its advance towards the tanks, it darted back into the ocean, leaving untold chaos behind.

     With no idea of how to respond, should another attack occur of equal or even greater magnitude, the United States military immediately began developing an offensive plan. Nearby navy basses dispatched armed submarines in order to meet any of the mysterious Squiddim creatures in their own habitats before they had the chance to come on land. Just as Navy submarines managed to exit the bay, they began hearing ominous cries from what seemed to be another Squiddim creature. The men on the ship began preparing missiles, torpedoes, and laserbeam-like artillery rounds. Then, out of nowhere the sub picked up a deep, disturbing voice from just outside the ship that many of the crew members describe to resemble that of a “Giant Squiddim”. At this utterance the Squiddim advanced quickly toward the ship, yet just before it’s suction-cups could grip the vessel’s metal body, crew members fired multiple rounds of impulse missiles into the monstrous squid. Supposedly a man known as Blunts & Blondes had been behind the helm shooting a variety of bass missiles, impulse blasts, and lasers at the creature.

    The last documented sighting of the highly feared Giant Squiddim presented itself once things on the coast had settled down and people had gone back to their daily lives. This encounter although, had not been like any of the others. Witnesses reported a quick approach inland by the giant barnacle laden cephalopod which had been met even more quickly by a massive hard trap cage that had plummeted from the sky when a man identified as Bailo launched it from much further inland. Once the trap had fallen upon the squid, it violently jerked about, attempting to free itself. Just when bystanders had begun celebrating its defeat, it managed to escape. The squid proceeded to attack many unfortunate souls standing amongst the coastline for a few moments until Bailo once again dispatched some raunchy hard trap followed by barrage of flamethrower blasts that scorched the screeching monstrosity. Then, once the blasts had ceased fire, the creature escaped its constraints and propelled its massive body back into the ocean, smoke shooting up off its singed skin as it slowly lowered into the deep water.

    Looking back at each of the frightening encounters with the mysterious Squiddim creatures, many questions are raised about the validity of the claims mentioned above. In response to those questions, one should simply listen for themselves and decide. One thing that is undeniable about these chaotic encounters is that the men responsible are ridiculously talented individuals who did extremely well to apply their own unique styles to the initial “Giant Squiddim.” This tune has since been proven to be  legendary amongst the EDM community.


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