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HIP-HOP Discovery: Oswin Benjamin, the Big Man in Brooklyn

     There’s nothing like a journey to the Midwest to discover some music. I had to change the channel to make sure that my Shade 45 wasn’t displaying the wrong name for the absolute banger that was cleanly exiting my speakers – I did after all, just cross the border from Virginia to West Virginia where my phone service usually likes to go out. But my satellite radio wasn’t making any kind of mistake today. The strange yet fitting name rang twice in my ears, as I quickly realized that I was in fact, not listening to A$AP Rocky. The flow was way too quick to be Rocky, but Oswin Benjamin is indeed also from New York City, but from the borough next door. I didn’t expect to discover this thrilling rapper from Brooklyn, but this tune was so grimey and real that I felt like it would be a dishonor to the underground community not to share it.

      Some of the stuff that this man says in his new single “Personal” made me look up the tune on SoundCloud to see exactly what he was saying. On top of a fire hook, Oswin Benjamin delivers a series of virtual punches to anybody trying to get in his face. I’m glad I looked up “Personal” because I was able to discover that it was produced by a guy named TY Obie. If you like quality East Coast Hip-Hop, then look no further, Oswin Benjamin’s got you covered.

Now presenting: “Personal

They got to know you, Before the ProTools produce a load of bullshit, and no school with but you lack the drive, your lack of ambition (xxxxx redacted, couldn’t comprehend), you’re gonna be the cause of your own demise. Tell me, how it look when you look in the mirror and see the same image when ya close ya eyes.

RIP To Yall

Cause I hate to see ya fall

Cause Yall died without a purpose


What’s worst is

That’s the worst death of all.

My DOG.”

If you like what you heard, then you should kd definitely Check out this insane Freestyle that Oswin Benjamin did on Sway In the Morning. Not only did he slay each one of his bars to pieces, Oswin Benjamin also proved to the world that he’s capable of rapping to different styles as he put down nine unique beats to rest.

I hope you enjoy this new HipHop discovery as much as I do! Keep up the great work Oswin!

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Oswin Benjamin is Here to Stay 

– Zyven

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