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*Hot Riddim Alert* Bukez Finezt – Alien Cereal [Subfiltronik VIP]

     Holy Riddim Cows. We can’t even begin to describe the outer space vibes coming from this tasty VIP created by Manchester’s Subfiltronik. He took an original made by the German producer Bukez Finezt, morphing his addicting track Alien Cereal. This track is a mere sample of what the European producers are capable of. With Bukez dark, eerie sound combined with Subfiltronik’s mind bending robotic touch, this VIP of Alien Cereal is the perfect track to play before taking a big test, asking out a hot girl, or even eating a fat ass cheeseburger in a mom and pop diner hidden in the streets of Downtown Baltimore. Check out Subfiltronik’s brain melting remix of Alien Cereal below.

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– Zyven

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