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Hucci Live in Atlanta [Concert Review]

Brighton’s Coolest 20 Year Old Throws Down Hard in Atlanta

     One of the most hyped up shows of the season was right around the corner –It was all because of Atlanta promo company Freakstep, who put together a nasty show with a heavily stacked line up at a place we had never been to before. It’s called the Mansion, and it’s name isn’t half is glorious as the inside of the club. The vibes in the air spelled out Hucci. The crowd was anxious. However, I could tell that a large group of people were there to support some of supporting acts like Riven and Midnite Panda, two Atlanta DJs who are known to make waves in their city’s rave scene. On the other hand, many were excited for the other dope headliners of the evening which included Mimosa, ATLiens and Leah Culver, who was set to play after Hucci. There was nothing but good music within those four walls.


   We showed up to the Mansion and caught Atlanta native Captain Jack playing some heavy wubs in the first room. The set up was actually in the entrance as soon as you stepped in the door. Big ups to Freakstep for bringing all sorts of talent to the building that night. We made our way over to the main room since we were late for Riven, one of our favorites DJs from the A who we first discovered at Imagine Music Festival last summer. He’s a fifteen year old killer producer with great taste in dubstep and trap — basicallt music in general. Not to mention that he’s a sick live performer. We showed up in time to jam out with Riven in the pit. Unfortunately our folder with all the good “Hucci Concert” photos got lost in the deep drives of The Charlotte Sessions hard drive and we lost our only good Riven photo. But hey here’s the back of the young stud.

Riven Hucci

     Up next was a guy who I met in the green room of the Atlanta Dubloadz show we threw a few days before Hucci. He had a lot of good things to say about our breakout show in Atlanta, and he also turned up the crowd as Dubloadz’ hype man for half the night, so we were excited to see what Midnite Panda could do behind the decks on his own. He started his off with a slow 2 minute jam that suddenly turned into some loud bass poppin’ hardstyle track. It didn’t take long for him to drop some freaky dubstep on the crowd, it was actually the epitome of eerie, wobbly dubstep, and it was absolutely sick. Throughout the whole night the lights guy, (bless me for forgetting this sick stage production guy’s name) hit the crowd with crazy lazers and thick beams of fluorescent, bright lights. Everyone was in a daze. I dug the vibes that Midnite Panda and his hypeman built for the crowd. Their set was tight.


     On a random Thursday night in Charlotte back in 2013 I found myself at club Label’s patio watching two random guys play the hardest dubstep in front of a small outdoor crowd of cigarette smokers and dedicated bass heads. They go by the name of the ATLiens, and since then they’ve grown into this massive duo who have shared stages with dope artists like Herobust, Anna Lunoe and MANTIS. We’ve been kind of wordy this whole review, so how about we let this sick video show you how the ATLiens throw down.


     Up next was an act that we were slightly unfamiliar with; but as I shared the concert flyer with my friends when they asked me why I was going to Atlanta for the third week in a row to party, a lot of them recognized MiMOSA and said he made good music. They weren’t lying. While the first three openers had us headbanging throughout most of the night, MiMOSA dropped a lot of hiphop tracks and remixes, turning The Mansion’s setting from a bass packed trap house into “the club” real quick. He brought us back to sanity, but before we knew it, it was one in the morning, and that meant that the one and only Hucci was about to go on.


The moment we were all waiting for finally arrived. 

     Hucci came down from the balcony, in his left hand he held his liquid power, and on the right hand his phone — He set everything down on the table to get his set up ready – he didn’t want to use the CDjs; instead he brought a small controller that had everything he needed. Respect for playing with something that most DJs have strayed away from once they touch a pair of CDjs for the first time. The crowd got excited when finally dropped the first beat of the night. We couldn’t tell you exactly how he started things off, cause well we were playing in the bouncey house at the time, but as soon as we got out we headed over to the stage to record a bit of the action. Check it.

     We didn’t really know what Hucci looked like until we saw him that night in Atlanta. I had always heard he was young, but I didn’t know he was a fresh 20 year old. It’s hard to believe that the guy behind all those poppin trap beats was still in high school at the time. He definitely delivered on his Freakstep set, making sure to play all the classics like Ball So Hard and Phoenix along with more recent tracks like the Hitta VIP and A Perfect Storm. His set was truly a lot of fun. The crowd was drained by the end of the show though. We stuck around for a few minutes of Leah Culver, but we had to dip because we were worn out ourselves, a long drive from Charlotte with traffic and a few hours of raving straight will do it to ya. We can’t wait till the next time Hucci makes it back anywhere remotely close to us; definitely worth the drive.

Yung Hucc
Very out of Focus shot Done by Zyven Sobkowski

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