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HUGE Concert Announcement – Castaway: A Pirate Massive

 We’re close to the reaching the end of the world….! We mean month.. It’s time for a Pirate themed Dubstep debauchery Rave that is set to take place this upcoming Friday, May 26th, the same day that Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell no Tales comes out in theaters. But to be honest, we’re a little more excited for the rave than we are for the movie! This day long event is practically all we’ve been thinking about for weeks now, as the line up stacked to say the least. If we say Ponicz, Al Ross, Oolacile, Benzmixer, Skism, Dion Timmer, Mr. Bill, Crowell… Would that get your attention? That’s only a glimpse of what’s to come. The madness is taking place at the B-Side Complex in good ol’ Philadelphia, starting at an appropriate day-drinking hour of 3:00 pm, going all the way until sun rises.. In a perfect world that would be the case, the nightclub closes at 2.. But hey, 11 hours of partying isn’t bad right? Philly promoters Kontrol Room have been working diligently to put together the perfect pirate themed Wonk Fest for the masses to enjoy.

     We’ve heard incredible things about the rave scene in Philly, so we’re excited to experience our first get-down with such an incredible event. Will you just look at that? Big Chocolate used to tour with the Warped Tour back in the day, and now he’s playing this insane event.. Rekoil is a madman that we’ve always wanted to see, he’s definitely and OG in the scene. Ranga’ is an absolute animal, once we saw him in DC back in January, we became fans for life. Not to mention he’s going back to back with the Long Island Riddim slaya Codd Dubz, who we’re also seeing in DC the very next night on the 27th. Gram Greene is a fool behind the decks, and we had a blast at his set that very same night we saw Ranga‘, we can’t imagine what his b2b with LA’s Al Ross is going to be like. Mr. Bill is a g to say the least, and the fact that he’s playing this event makes this 9 hour drive so much more worthwhile.

Gram Greene sahn.

     We can go on all day as to why you should attend this event. As a matter of fact, here’s a few more reasons. Dion Timmer just got through with Excision’s Paradox Tour, the kid throws down hard to say the least; put him up with legends like Dodge & Fuski, TRUTH, and Skism, and you’ve got a hell of a line up with just those four. (TRUTH just released a new album, check it out now!) But these are just half of the headliners; have you ever seen Trampa or Space Laces live? We haven’t, nor have we seen Sluggo, but we know these guys are animals on the stage. Not to mention we have a hometown hero performing at this event. We’re talking about the don dada Crowell, who we know is going to slay harder than anyone at this event (biased opinions welcome). Aweminus, Mark the Beast, Sullivan King.. the list of bosses playing this event goes on.

 We also can’t forget about the guys at the bottom. Packback, Lumpy and Kaillick have all been showing how excited they are to perform for everyone at this event, so we really hope to make just on time to catch their sets. Support your local Riddim dealers! Also, check out what the Kontrol Room guys have been putting together. They call it the “USS ChopDrop.”

     So let us recap. 11 hours of partying, incredible DJs and producers, a complete pirate themed rave. We’re pretty convinced on this one! Tickets will be $55 at the door. But do yourself a favor and save some cash now! You can purchase tickets HERE. The address to the B-Side Complex is 939 N. Delaware Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19123. RSVP Here to let your friends know about this incredible event!!! Yaaaaargh, see ye’ all at the Castaway!

Ranga’ Yaaargh.

BY THE WAY: We heard that special guest Haunta and Subtronics will be joining us for this insane show. So brace the f*ck up.

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–   Zyven

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