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Hyphee Really Does Have the World on Fire

Who is Hyphee and why did his new single just blow me away? Seriously. Earlier this year I found myself writing about that wonky new DMVU and TVBOO collab “East My Sass” – eventually this led me to a really filthy journey through an undiscovered planet known as Wonk 55 crafted by another Mississippi based artist! I believe this is the first time in my life hearing a banger produced by an artist from Biloxi. I’m beyond glad to have discovered this special banger during one of my many wobbly SoundCloud benders in St. Petersburg. Whenever you read the title “Got that Fire” for the very first time, it makes you think about what kind of fire sounds you can expect as soon as you start to listen to the tune. Well folks, I’m pleased to say that Hyphee indefinitely left his mark on the planet for this SubCarbon Records release.

Six minutes after walking into my very first casino, located down by the beaches of Mississippi, I managed to win a few hundred bucks after hitting triple sevens on a shiny slot machine. Biloxi brings me nothing but smiles and now I can also thank Hyphee for bringing more joy into my life. The simple fact that “Got That Fire” was given the Ganja White Night seal of approval says a lot about Hyphee’s drive and sense of hustle. Get ready to feel a whole different level of sensations as all of your weirdest dance moves start to come about within seconds of hitting play. It’s definitely a “Hell Yeah F*cking Right” type of mood. I hope you enjoy this discovery as much as I have folks! Peace and Love.

Here’s another bop for you all to get weird to. Much love to Turbulentz for working with Hyphee to make this “Told U” so grimey, and much love to Electrostep Network for releasing it! The cover art was a photo taken by Austin Dallam Photography! Go like their page and leave a nice message.

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– Zyven (The Riddim Professor)

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