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ICYMI: INFEKT and Dodge & Fuski – Normalitea [PEEP THE BONUS TUNE]

     It couldn’t have been more than a month ago that I caught Dodge & Fuski throw down in a live setting for the very first time. Founding member Rob threw down a spicy selection of Disciple Records releases at the brand new Iris venue, located in a newly renovated church in the heart of Atlanta. One of the many songs he performed included his very own collaboration with Germany’s Riddim monster, INFEKT. If your heart and spirit has become assimilated into the Riddim family over the past few years, then I’m more than certain that you’ve rock doubt to an INFEKT song or two. “Raptor 2015” and “Double Arcade” can finally step aside, because this new collaboration with the British duo is absolute fire, and will surely be rocking speakers all over the world this festival season. What starts off with a Scottish couple screaming at one another soon picks up a dancey vibe that last for all about fifteen seconds – soon, a tedious voice that sounds like it’s coming from that guy that you’ve always really, really wanted to punch in the face repeats “you’re not, you’re not, you’re not normal” before unleashing a massive Bass drop for all the fans to enjoy.

    I really hope that INFEKT drops this one when he performs at the Blind Tiger at the end of this month on June 30th for the Triple Threat Tour with Oolacile and MurDa. Who knows what kind of surprises he’ll have in store that night for us!


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