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ICYMI: YOOKiE & PhaseOne – “State of Emergency”

     When it comes to strange, dynamic, filthy Dubstep, I have no problem sharing it with friends and family, no matter how old it is! Well this isn’t one of those cases – the New York based rage duo known as the YOOKiE boys have linked up with Sydney, Australia’s very own thrash junkie PhaseOne, to bring forth a frightening, aggressive, and somewhat cautious new Dubstep tune. When I first heard this song during a run somewhere in the wilderness of Charlotte, I was baffled that I couldn’t put a name to the artists responsible for all the screams and cries in “State of Emergency.” The three producers made sure that anyone who considers themselves to be a fan of Experimental Bass and Riddim, would thoroughly enjoy this heavy hitter – little did they know that they would over deliver and create something much bigger than anticipated. Be ready to hear this one during heavy sets at festivals all over the world, “State of Emergency” is just what the creepy, heavier Bass packed sets are needing. Thank you for the excellent track boys!

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