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[Imagine Festival Interview] Leah Culver – The One and Only

     August 26th, 2016 was a special day in rave history as Imagine Music Festival embarked on yet another musically inspiring journey in the sunny state of Georgia. The grasslands of the Peach State were filled with thousands of excited festival-goers, as happy vibes spread throughout the campground. We were already beyond stoked that we could start the weekend off with incredible artists like Snails, Black Tiger Sex Machine, and Caspa & Rusko. But then Atlanta artist Leah Culver had her management confirmed to do an interview us. We were excited to meet with the oh-so-beautiful ATL producer on Day One. It was totally awesome getting to take a break from the insanity that was going on in the Atlanta Motor Speedway to hang out and catch up with Leah.

                                                (Interview Conducted by Hannie Santana and Zyven Sobkowski)

The Charlotte Sessions: Live in Atlanta,Georgia, we are here with Leah Culver formerly known as the one and only MK Ultra; a rockin’ performer from the A with a career worth talking about. Leah how are you doing today?

Leah Culver: *giggles* I’m doing great.

TCS: Excellent! So when did you get here today (at Imagine)?

LC: I got here around, I think, 2:45, or was it 3:00?

TCS: Okay, super specific! What were you doing when you got here?

LC: The usual; Trying to figure out where Will Call was. That’s pretty much what everyone is trying to find as soon as they arrive.

TCS: It was an absolute mess, did you have to wait in a super-duper long line as well?

LC: I really didn’t, it was pretty efficient actually.

The Charlotte Sessions: So! What was the first thing you got into once you entered the IMF gates?

Leah Culver: Um, I think I had… I was supposed to have a Meet-N-Greet. No, I had an interview that got moved to Sunday and then the Meet-N-Greet got moved as well so I’ve pretty much been doing a lot of interviews today. And I saw FYER! (That’s a good answer.)

TCS: Ooooh, FYER! We saw them last year! Where are they from originally?

LC: Yeah! One of them is from Texas. Um and the other one I think is from Vegas. So-

TCS: Bobbyyy!

LC: I think Bobby stays in Vegas and then Gabe is from Texas.

TCS: Oooh, that’s a good combo right there.

LC: They’re so sick!


The Charlotte Sessions: And for those at home who don’t know about FYER, can you tell us a little more about them and the guys’ roles in the group?

Leah Culver: Yeah! So it’s Fyer. F-Y-E-R and Gabe does this cool keyboard-guitar-electric guitar combo and Bobby does all the mixing and the ‘Hype Man’ing so it’s a really cool team they have together.

TCS: Okay, we’re glad you like Fyer. We missed out on their set unfortunately. However we got here on time for Liquid Stranger. Did you see any of his set?

LC: I saw a little bit of it but I had to run to another interview. I was talking with him before and he’s just such a-, he’s another one of those people who’s just really genuine. You see them and you can feel that they’re good people. Ya know?

TCS: Yeah, absolutely. He came to Charlotte on his Rise of the Waakan Tour. He’s actually coming back.. We need to get a Leah Culver appearance somewhere out in North Carolina! So who else are you doing interviews with today?

LC: Um, shoot.. I’d have to look at it. Um, That Drop! & GSUTV off top!

TCS: That’s amazing! Shout out everyone else who worked with Leah Culver today. So you moved to New York City recently, how’s that going? Have you been to Webster Hall since you moved?

LC: It was awesome, my first time moving away from home. I actually played there in 2014 as MK Ultra. Koan Sound and Minnesota were also on the line up. It was a blast. Webster Hall is one of my favorite venues hands down.


The Charlotte Sessions: So you still live in NYC, or are you back in Atlanta?

Leah Culver: I actually recently just moved to LA. I’m staying in North Hollywood; I’ve always really wanted to live out in Cali and now I finally am. My roommate is actually a drummer!

TCS: Oh wow. The complete opposite side of the country! Do you miss Atlanta at all?

LC: Of course! Nothing compares to the beautiful green grasslands and luscious blue skies of Georgia. It’s actually a really different vibe. LA is more cliquey, but I still like it.

TCS: How’s the rave culture in Los Angeles?

LC: Well I haven’t spent enough time out there raving, but the scene is actually pretty comparable to the east coast.
TCS: Tell us about your song Ghosts with Pyramid Scheme?

LC: That song literally flew out of me. I heard the song with no melody and just sang it out and the melody came along. They’re really cool guys.

TCS: We Like your new song Ex Is a Loser. Is it about anyone specific?

LC: Thank you! I do too. No, not really, just a song I felt like putting out. I wanted to try something different.

TCS: Any new music on its way?

LC: Well I’m working on a new EP right now. It’s really exciting and I can’t wait for it to come out. I also have a new song called Slow Motion coming out soon!

The Charlotte Sessions: That’s amazing! We can’t wait to hear it. So Leah remind us again where we can catch your set?

Leah Culver: This Sunday at the Oceania stage at 2:45! Don’t be late! 🙂


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–   Zyven

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