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Imagine Music Festival (1 Week To Go!)


     One of Fest 300’s Top Festivals of 2014 is right around the corner! Imagine Music Festival is taking place in the heart of Atlanta Georgia next Saturday and Sunday, the 29th and 30th! Last time we let you know about a few artists that we’re really looking forward to see at this year’s Imagine.

Now it’s time to fill you in on a few more, here’s this weeks top 5 Imagine Music Festival artists! Also, below is the schedule that shows who will be slaying the Atlanta stages on Saturday, and who will be following up with an even better day of electronic music on Sunday.


Datsik – 

     If you’ve been keeping up with us since the beginning then you know that the Charlotte Sessions are huge supporters of Fire Power Records, so naturally we’re excited to see it’s leader destroy Atlanta with the immense amounts of lasers and bass that is bound to come out of a Datsik performance. His Moonrise set was unbelievable, and we would love to see what kind of madness he has in store for the dirty south next Sunday, August 30th. Check out his track Troynado off Fire Power Record’s Shell Shock Legends.


12th Planet – 

Let’s keep the dubstep train movin’, this insanely gifted producer from Los Angeles has been in the scene just as long as his above mentioned colleague in the dubstep scene. 12th Planet is no joke when it comes to producing and his live mixes are nothing short of being insanely well crafted. We haven’t had the chance to see him kill shit live, but next weekend we’re finally getting our chance. Hopefully 12th Planet will be playing the exact same stage as Datsik, that way we can be lazy and not have to move anywhere. Check out this new collab between 12th Planet, 50 Carrot, and Megalodon called True OG.

G Jones – 

There’s no doubt in my mind that we’re putting this guy on our list, he took the opening spot at Counterpoint like a champ and absolutely slayed it. That was 3 months ago, back when trap gawd G Jones made that funky dark tune, Krabby Patty Secret Formula. But since then he’s come out with a lot cool material, including a new EP which was just released yesterday. Check out Verve off the new G Jones That Odd EP. We hope to see just as many pretty girls twerking at this set as we did the last time we saw G Jones. If you haven’t done it yet, put three red stars next to G Jones when putting together your schedule, I’m trying to spare you a month’s worth of regret if you miss his set.

Tipper w/ Android Jones-

We feel ashamed to say it, but we missed out on Tipper’s performance at Counterpoint, and after hearing so many great remarks about what a live Tipper experience is like, we’re making sure nothing gets in the way from us seeing the British producer infect the minds of dubstep, triphop, and techno fans alike. The magnificent visuals producer Android Jones will be joining Tipper and putting on live production to match the music. Here’s a clip of Tipper and Adroid Jones performing together in 2013


Holy cow we can’t even begin to tell you how stoked we are for this one. Heavy, neck wrenching dubstep is exactly what we’re looking for when we go to any music festival, and after listening to a few singles and watching a couple a live videos, it’s been decided that Mantis is an absolute must see at this year’s Imagine Music Festival. Best of all, they’re originally Straight Outta Atlanta, this is bound to be a wild performance. Here’s a funny video of Mantis trollin and turnin up to their track Block Rocka

WAIT, There’s More! Last year after all the fun and festivities ended at Imagine, an after-party would take place at one of the many cool night clubs in Atlanta. This year the after-party will be held at the Masquerade! Usually the main performers of the after party include headliners from the festival! Who knows who it’ll be this year. Tickets for Imagine and the after-parties can still be purchased here

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–   Zyven


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