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Sunday at Imagine Music Festival [Day 2 Festival Review]

Day 2 – Atlanta On A Sunday


     A little while back we put together a little review on all the cool things that we loved about the Day One at this year’s Imagine Music Festival. If you like reading about anything EDM or rave related, do yourself a favor, the next time you plan a long trip to the toilet put down that copy of Rolling Stone magazine and mozy on over here and be part of the action that went down on Day One, trust me when I say you’ll end up wanting to put Imagine on your 2016 calendar and see about Atlanta natives like Mantis and Leah Culver, turn up gods like Griz

Kayzo, and Buku, some really trippy sets by Shpongle and Tipper, and all the beautiful Iris dancers that made Imagine Music Festival that much more special. But today we’re here to talk about all the crazy shennanigans that went down on the highly anticipated second day of IMF. With an insane bass packed set by 12th Planet, some throwback jams by the Ying Yang Twins, a killer performance by 15 year old wobble head Riven, throwing pizza at the most ratchet Crizzly show we’ve ever seen, to a dope closing set by Canadian dubstep mastermind Datsik, we’re covering it all in this IMF Day 2 Review! Enjoy.



     We showed up early enough to catch an act that we missed on our last Georgia visit to Counterpoint. Unlike most electronic music duos, Skymatic creates their sound by fusing beats of any tempo with a live violin playing. The duo, consists of Atlanta natives, Phil Ross who produces and mixes all the tracks, and Hannah Wilder who comes in when you least expect it and shreds her violin. Shred is used very loosely, but she definitely  turned a few heads who were interested in seeing the mysterious violinist.  The group brought out their good friend Rohan to add some percussion to the mix — he’s also the drummer for a band in Atlanta called Higher Learning.


     The crowd was a bit smaller than I expected. Unlike Saturday we no longer had permission to get on stage to take pictures, weird, but we still managed to get a few good shots. Big ups Skymatic, that was a fun show.


daily b4

     I had heard the name once before. Back when I was doing my research for Counterpoint I came across Daily Bread, checked out a track, but never went to his set.. But Imagine Music Festival was here and it was time to make up for it. Rhett Whatley has production skills like none other. Born and raised in one of the most prominent cities for HipHop music, there’s no doubt that Rhett’s sound has been influenced by some of the finest rappers to come out of Atlanta.His set was filled with deep melodic beats fused with hiphop vocals, a sound that many like to refer to as Triphop. His buddy EJ manned the drums as the DJ of the hour went in on the mixer and MPD system, they had symmetry beyond your imagination. To read more about Daily Bread’s awesome set along with a little bit about his life in Atlanta, check out our exclusive interview.

Dancer 9
The Iris Girls <3
Cook It Baby, Cook!


eliot lipp
Shot By Michael Tepedino.

    It was time for the first artist from the featured Pretty Lights Music Showcase, and given the camp he belonged to, I figured Eliot Lipp was bound to play some upbeat quirky tracks featuring a variety of different instruments you normally wouldn’t hear in electronic music. I was somewhat right; Eliot took me and my friend Michael on a psychdelic experience that we weren’t quite ready for so early in the day. I did however appreciate the craft that goes behind making his music; he stood out by using an Arturia electric keyboard in his performance, it was the first time I had ever seen the wood frame design. I didn’t dislike Eliot’s performance, in fact the melodic sounds were quite soothing, however when you’re in a mood for some headbanging dubstep, soothing music just isn’t quite enough.

dancer ay ii
Shot By Michael Tepedino.

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