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Sunday at Imagine Music Festival [Day 2 Festival Review]


fyer woah
Shot By Michael Tepedino.

     Kudos to these rockstars from Austin, Texas. We headed back to the Oceania stage to see if the Ying Yang Twins were on stage yet, and they weren’t, instead, Fyer, played an extended set and held down the stage for what felt like close to two hours. But when you see two guys jamming out on stage as they incorporate live instruments into their electronic music set, you can’t do anything but sit there in awe for a few minutes as you try to figure out their style.


     Eventually I accepted that Fyer makes all sorts of music, from dubstep to electro house music, yet still carrying their own touch of Rock n Roll, and for the last twenty minutes of their set all I could do was dance. I guess you can say I caught the Fyre Fever.

feed meh


Shot By Michael Tepedino.
Shot By Michael Tepedino.

    As I look back at all the footage I captured at IMF, I can’t help but laugh at the hilariously entertaining set put on by Atlanta’s very own Ying Yang Twins. It was long over due but the Twins finally stumbled on stage bearing smiles largerr than Feed Me’s above. Their set was a daze, details may be fuzzy but I managed to take a few notes down from the twerk fest that was the Ying Yang Twin’s performance: Their set was backed up by non other than Atlanta duo Pyramid Scheme. As they held down the decks, D Roc & Kaine started throwing some crowd favorites our way. An unforgettable 3 minutes of the legendary Get Low took place, we’ll have the video uploaded soon so you can take part in the craziness that was the Ying Yang Twins. As D-Roc’s son jammed out in the back, the guys whispered some highly descriptive lyrics while the crowd sang back that infamous hook. If you’ve heard The Whisper Song, lol, if you haven’t, here’s a little hip hop 101.


    But I think the best part of the show was when the guys played Salt Shaker. That shit was absolutely hilarious, and as far as I could tell, everyone was having a blast. I felt like the stage dancers were having more fun than usual. From start to finish they twerked to the rhythmn of every single song in that set. There’s nothing wrong with a little break for some hip hop and top tier twerk during this insane weekend of non stop EDM. Nevertheless, I’m thankful I got to the chance to see these two perform live. I don’t think they’ll stop making music anytime soon, in fact, they just release a new song with Pyramid Scheme; but if they come near your city you should without a doubt check them out.

Shot By Michael Tepedino.
Shot By Michael Tepedino.



     I checked the schedule and noticed it was time to head to the Imaginarium to catch an intense, bass packed, heavy hitting set by another ATL native who goes by the name of Riven. But there’s something special about a 15 year old badass dubstep producer take on a crowd of hundreds at a large scale music festival. He was accompanied by Charlotte DJ, RA, who added an absolutely necessary amount of energy to the table since Riven doesn’t talk into the mic too often. But the two meshed well together.

riven slayyrrr

     They played plenty of head throbbin tracks by names like the Gentlemen’s Club (with 50 Carrot, Soloman, and Coffi), Bommer, and more. We got the chance to interview Riven after his set. Hear what the high school prodigy had to say about his start in the electronic music scene, and whether mixing or homework comes first, and his other live set experiences here.

Ape Drums & Marty Party

     We caught a few more performances by artists like Ape Drums and Marty Party, both guys, the former a rhythm machine from Houston, and the latter a sick DJ with a sick style from South Africa, displayed the utmost energy during their sets. The crowd for Marty Party was a little smaller than what I expected for one half of the glitch duo PANTy RAiD, but that still didn’t stop him from jamming out to a wide collection of funky electronic beats that had the rare bunch bouncing all around. I could tell he still had a good time after shouting out all “The real true Marty Party fans out there.”


     As for Ape Drums, the guy played so many different genres of music I couldn’t even keep up. He’s the definition of “What the fuck is a genre?” I’d be dancing, then head banging, then relaxing swaying side to side one minute after the next. My favorite part was when he played a little bit of Hispanic music. I can’t quite recall what it was, but at least it was something different than that Suavemente remix by 12th Planet and Kennedy Jones. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a dope song, but it’s about as far as most DJs go whenever playing any Hispanic music in their set. Either way, thanks for the good vibes Ape Drums.


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