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Sunday at Imagine Music Festival [Day 2 Festival Review]

12th Planet

     DAMN SON, WHY HAVEN’T I SEEN HIM PLAY BEFORE? That was the main question I kept asking myself after experiencing one of the heaviest dubstep performances I have ever seen to this day. We didn’t catch the the SMOG Records owner play from start to finish, but I did show up to catch a sight worth seeing. Things got interesting when a large group badass Iris rave girls walked up with 12 globes and a few turtle inflatables in hand. 12th’s hype man spoke into the mic saying “We about to go crazy when it comes..” while the track built up to one of the sickest, most unexpected drops I’ve ever heard. *Cue inflatables* Here’s a sweet vid we “found” of that set. If this doesn’t make you want to go to Imagine 2016, I don’t know what will. Maybe some puppies and a cookie?

     12th Planet was practically feeding bass bombs to the masses, a buffet a bass if you will. Most of the DJs producing his preferred genre of dubstep nowadays are younger guys, so to see an older cat like 12th Planet show everyone up on stage was priceless; and watching all those gorgeous Iris Girls launch those inflatables into the crowd was an absolute sight to see too. The LA dubstar played one of his new tracks co produced wth the insane afro British producer 50 Carrot, and San Fran bass nightmare Megalodon, properly titled True OG. I may be wrong, but I wouldn’t be surprised if 12th Planet also dropped that sick collab with UZ, Trap Shit V21. 12th Planet, YOU were the shit, thank you for such a mind blowing set.



crizzly yea

     Oh man, is it time to talk about the leader of the Slice Gang (pizza slice) himself? Straight outta Texas comes one of the most talked about DJs known for his filthy trap remixes of just about anyone’s music. He also has put up countless recorded mixes and live sets on his Soundcloud, makingCrizzly a highly sought after artist in the EDM market. Well Imagine made the right move booking the Texan because the guy drew in a crowd of thousands. His set collided with Chromeo who were booked to perform at the Oceania stage around the same time as Crizzly. But this didn’t stop all the twerk heavy fans from gathering around Amazonia to watch the pizza friendly DJ tear shit up.

     The evening got started with some dirty throwback hip hop remixes, Jibbs’ Chain Hang Low & Young Joc’s It’s Going Down to name a few. And of course he had to play some crowd favorites like his remix for Lil Flip’s The Way We BallThere was some electro house thrown in the mix too, but I saved my energy for the really hype shit, like the inevitable moment a DJ plays NGHTMRE’s popular festival music track Street. I hadn’t heard so much Hip Hop in a electronic music set before, but it still had me and thousands of other people partying at full force. I started laughing when Crizzly dropped this track on the crowd. At the height of his set, Crizzly announced the pizza inflatable and within minutes Crizzly’s hype man was surfing all throughout the crowd.

pizza crowd
Dundee Crowd Surf.

     Story Time: I pride myself in the amount of turn up I display at any given rave, and Crizzly’s hype man took notice. One minute I was taking pictures of the crazy party that surrounded, next thing I know I’m being asked if I wanted to “Throw the pizza during the drop?” I didn’t really question the guy. I just remember setting my camera down, hopping up on the 4 foot tall speaker and jumping all around like it was my turn to dj. I faced the crowd with confidence as I was handed a large cheese pizza from Papa Johns and as soon as the drop hit, that shit was gone. I partied up top for another two minutes before some staff member asked me to hop down, ruining one of the most memorable moments of my life. After looking all over Instagram to find out the mystery hypeman who gave me such a cool opportunity, I found him, shout outs @CoolDundee.

Crizzly Pizza


datsik yeah

     This was it, the moment my buddy Michael and I had been waiting for. A short history lesson: Datsik is one of the originators of the genre that so many people hold true and dear to their hearts called dubstep. This banger,Geckowas produced back in 2008, I was still in middle school listening to System of a Down and Blink 182(wow). The first show that I personally ever received clearance to shoot at was the Ninja Nation Tour, with Datsik, ETC! ETC!, Bear Grillz, and Infuze, it was gnarly, and I’ll never forget the day I first took this picture.


     Earlier that day we ran into the Kelowna native walking around outside Masquerade Park, he almost looked lost, in his defense, I believe any non Atlanta native (like myself) had trouble finding that spot. Instead of saying something smart and business like, maybe like an interview for the blog, I fanned out a little bit. But it’s alright because I met my favorite producer and that was enough for me. Flash forward a few hours and now it was Troy’s turn to man the DJ booth. The Amazonia area was absolutely packed; I think it’s safe to say that a lot of people went to Imagine because of dope artists like Crizzly, 12th Planet, and Datsik. I didn’t take as many picture of this set because I was too busy jumping around like a madman. But I didn’t care, I got to hear crazy tracks that I used to listen to back in high school, like “Nuke Em” and “Firepower.” I was also diggin the ninja turtle dancer on stage.

Weed Dancer

     But my absolute favorite part of this set was when Datsik played his Jamaican themed collab with Bassnectar called “YES.” I’ll be uploading a video to The Charlotte Sessions Youtube page soon. We couldn’t have asked for a better way to end the night than with some heavy bass and dubstep music from the Firepower Records general.

     Overall, Imagine Music Festival has all the elements you’re looking for as you plan your summer EDM festival schedule. Diversity — with DJs from all sorts of electronic music backgrounds ranging from electro funk & trap, to dubstep & house music, and the occasional rapper or two, Imagine has made sure it could provide a home for all electronic music fans. The hip hop is just an added bonus. Dope Visuals — As long as there were flashing lights and visuals across some sort of screen I was happy, and there were. Gorgeous Dancers — As you can see, the Iris Girls were the best of the best. Good Food — we weren’t going to flood this review with pictures of food stands.. but we did get some awesome pretzel hot dogs, bring $ though because music festival food is never cheap. Cool Vendors — Plenty of heady objects and trippy clothing to satisfy your artsy needs. Unique Atmosphere — I enjoyed the short walking distance between the two main stages, but there needs to be an adjustment made to the way sound is carried because I found myself hearing music from the Oceania stage at certain spots in the vicinity of its competing stage, the Amazonia. But I’m sure this can be fixed. Affordable — What other music festival do you know that does a $69 customer appreciation weekend pass? Imagine most certainly does. Don’t miss out on what’s bound to be another wild experience. See you in 2016.

Z and Mike

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–   Zyven

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