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Imagine Music Festival [Day One Festival Review]!

It’s Safe to Say That Georgia is Now One of Our Favorite Cities to Party

Imagine Imagine

      With Counterpoint in Kingston Downs back in May, and the recent Imagine Music Festival that took place in the heart of Atlanta last weekend, it’s hard not to make this claim. Both festival were phenomenal experiences and we can’t wait for 2016 so we can do it all over again. Except bigger and better, of course. My friend Michael and I attended on behalf of the Charlotte Sessions, and well, it’s absolutely fucking insane, to say the least. We’re going to take you through a journey that’s gonna (yes gonna) make you want to put Imagine Music Festival on your 2016 calendar asap.


     Parking was the least of our worries when we showed up to the city with the reputation for the best strip clubs in the U.S. I’m talking about Atlanta baby. All we had to do was follow the random patches of Imaginees strolling through the streets of downtown ATL, as they were dressed from head to toe in kandi and wacky yet dope rave gear. The line was short, we were inside the park before we could even say “Who’s Ready To Fucking Party.” And we were right on time too. Atlanta dubstep duo Mantis was slaying the Oceania stage with 20 minutes to go.


Shot By Michael Tepedino.

     If you really consider yourself a dubstep fan, then you know that there’s more to it than “wubs and robot sounds,” even though we really, really, love that robotic transformer dubstep shit. These guys were a little different, they’re basically metal-head rockstars who chose to skip the guitars and drums and head straight for the CDJs. You can basically call it heavy metal dubstep, and while the average reader may find this cross genre to sound like a crazy untouchable experience, Mantis shows you how to do it in front of thousands of people, the right way.

Mantis 2
Shot By Michael Tepedino.

     The guys had a lot of energy; they constantly got involved with the crowd making sure that everyone was prepared for another 8 hours of neckwrenching, raw, electronic music turn up. They played other genres of course, but they didn’t stray too far away from their obviously preferred style of electronic music. But if you think you’ve grown out of that metal music phase of your life, these guys are here to remind you that its still as badass as ever to jam out to some heavy music.


Leah Culver

Leah Cuvler, Shot By Michael Tepedino
Shot By Michael Tepedino.

     There’s so much that can be said about this girl. For starters, she’s badass and smokin’ hot, so we already like her to start with. But Leah Culver isn’t someone to be taken lightly. She’s been involved in the electronic music industry for a few years, mainly producing and djing under the alias MK Ultra. But recently she’s decided to take a different path in her career to work with other electronic music artists as a singer more than a producer.


     She took on the second day of IMF and left everybody in awe. Call her a singer, call her a vocalist, I’ll call her a rockstar. It seems like Leah has no idea what the word shy means because that girl gave it her all; by the end of her set, fans gathered at the Oceania stage now had something new and unique to get excited about.


Shot By Michael Tepedino.

     There aren’t too many artists that we’ve seen three times this year. But for some reason, Firepower Records seems to be everywhere, making hella appearances at different festivals this summer. In Baltimore, our guy Kayzo joined other FP artists such as Protohype, Getter, and Datsik to kill shit live at Moonrise. We even saw the yellow-haired bass dawg do a show at club Label in Charlotte. But we’re here to talk about his show at Imagine, which was beyond epic. After Leah finished up her set she got the crowd hyped for the next performer, within minutes yung Kayzo came out with the bass blasters and got things going again.


     Known for his preference towards fast paced electronic music we knew Kayzo was bound to open up his set with something dope. From a hardstyle remix of Mercer & Alvaro’s Welcome To The Jungle, to Weezy’s A Milli, to Skrillex’s infamous remix of the Ragga Twins’ Bad Man. Kayzo did it all, and he was turnt up the whole time. I can comfortably say that Kayzo has gotten better every time I see him; and his performance at Imagine was by far his best of the three. We like how he poses such a unique style to the whole Firepower Crew, I wonder what kind of east coast adventure we’ll see Kayzo at next.

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