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Imagine Music Festival [Day One Festival Review]!

G Jones

G Jones

     This was honestly the act that we were most excited to see all weekend. I remember the first time I discovered G Jones when looking through the artists attending Counterpoint, and the first song that I played on his soundcloud was like a present on Christmas morning. There’s a reason we made G Jones one of the Charlotte Sessions’ DJ of The Day. I discovered something unique, and it was definitely time to see the Santa Cruz trippy DJ once more. The Charlotte Sessions likes G Jones because of his energy. Most people don’t look at these sort of things, aside from having good music, I look forward to seeing someone who’s going to do crazy stupid things with their arms as they put 100% of their concentration into their performance. We like Jone’s style too; making songs that sound like they belong in an 80s videogame.


     His newest EP, That Odd EP In The Pit Of My Hard Drive is the perfect example of this thoroughly developed future bass sound represent G Jones. We got a short clip of G Jones doing a funky hand motion while playing his song Apollo, off that new EP. Rest assured, it will be uploaded to the new Charlotte Sessions Youtube account once its done being constructed. For now go check out this 2015 collab with Mad Zach called Roughin It.



     The Twonk Master joined in on the fun at Atlanta’s Masquerade Music Park at the recent Imagine Music Festival and let’s just say things got ratchet real fast. By the time we got the we saw pretty ladies from all over the globe twerking their hearts out as Brillz was jamming out on stage to some really hype trap music. He was bouncing all over the place, at some point he jumped out on stage and started turnin the fuck up. I can’t quite remember if he crowd surfed or not.. By this point it was kind of hard to remember too many details. PICK AND CHOOSE, that’s what we do. Brillz was dope as always. Check out his remix of Tritonal’s song Gamma Gamma, below. Twonk Team 4 Lyfe.


     There were, A LOT of dancers at Imagine that weekend.

Bud Beautie One

tall and sexy


Shot By Michael Tepedino.

     Another one of our infamous DJs of The Day! This man puts both Fs in Funky Fresh. He’s one of the most popular acts at any music festival featuring him. He’s known for his incredible skills behind a saxophone. I’m talking about Griz here. When we saw him in Counterpoint we wanted more, more funk, more soul, and definitely more rhythm. Which is why were so stoked to catch Griz at this year’s Imagine Music Festival. Another short break from dubstep, and heavy bass music, but it was well worth it. Anyone who was having a bad day, for whatever reason, automatically forgot about their worries for the hour that Griz rocked Atlanta.


     It’s pretty hard not to grin from ear to ear when you hear some live electro-funk. While some DJs keep quiet, letting their hypeman handle the business of yelling out ATL hoe to a bunch of wasted ravers, others like to personally get involved with the crowd, and Griz was no exception to this great pool of successful and engaging live DJ performances. I wish we could have gone to the sold out Griz aftershow, but we were just a littttle tooo slow. Can’t see em all! Either way, we definitely enjoyed the friendly and intimate atmosphere that Griz created with that live electro-funk shiz that people from all parts of the world are jamming out to on the daily. Here’s one of our favorite songs from Griz’s IMF set, check out the collab with Big Gigantic below.

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