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  I’ve been hearing this name ringing around the Dubstep community for some while now. This Canadian producer has a knack for building up tracks with a tasteful, melodic like intro before completely throwing listeners off guard with a nasty drop. Over the past few years he has racked up collaborations with artists like Subject 31, Konus, and Diamond Pistols, while having released remixes for I See Stars, The Ghost Inside and Boy Kid Cloud. His instantly recognizable scene kid haircut makes him impossible to miss; and he spells his name with a “1” instead of an “I.” Can you guess who I’m talking about?
 Well, the title obviously gave it away, but in case you had a hard time seeing it (twice), I’m talking about Alberta’s very own IF1N1TE. Another INF1N1TE track that really caught my attention was “Touch The Floor.” But recently the young and highly skilled producer dropped a new single that actually reached into my soul, looked through my past and told me what I really wanted most in life. “Wait For Me” starts off with a speedy intro that quickly leads in to the addicting verse, “I tried this, tried that, tried everything, coming right back, right there, won’t you wait for me… I need you to stay right there, tell me right away my dear” before kicking in an unbelievable drop that instantly makes you forget about those silly emotions that Inf1n1te just stirred up in your heart. I particularly like the parts where he takes the same lyrics and adds a deep filter to the voice that’s proclaiming you “to wait for me,” and not to mention the heavy basslines that make you cringe. The second drop is even nastier than the first, but I’ll let you be the judge of that! Trust me folks this is not a song that you want to discover two months from now. Click the play button below to stream INF1N1TE’S new single “Wait For Me.” Instant fan? Well you can Download this Tune Here for Free! 

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