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INFEKT + OOLACILE + MURDA ‘Carolina Takeover’ // June 30th

  I wholeheartedly cannot believe that North Carolina will be hosting a special stop for this Summer’s Triple Threat Tour featuring a massive roster of Disciple Recordings’ baddest producers. If you’re a fan of dark, mysterious, strange, heavy, aggressive, wobbly, wonkified underground bangers, then this show may be the one for you. The good folks over at Create. have ensured to bring forth one of the nastiest shows that the Carolinas has seen to date. Out of all the Create. shows that have taken place in NC, the one with Midnight Tyrannosaurus, Megalodon, and Crowell that took place last July has taken the cake for the heaviest. But I feel like all this will change whenever Germany’s INFEKT, Southampton’s MurDa, and Los Angeles’ very own Oolacile break through the doors of the Blind Tiger on Saturday June 30th. Let’s dig into this fantastic evening shall we?


 The Don Dada of filthy, underground Riddim Chops, mister Christian Fial, otherwise known as, INFEKT, one of the most prominent Bass producers to come out of Europe is an absolute must right now. I say right now because I’ve managed to patiently wait for this badmon to tour the East Coast for quite a few years now. Ever since discovering his tune “Projectile” in 2016, my taste in music started getting filthier by the hour, and so did INFEKT’s production skills. Flash forward to 2018, and the lad has now amassed collaborations with bigger names like Figure and Dodge & Fuski, while gaining releases on Disciple Recordings Round Table, and Funtcase’s DPMO label. Other massive collaborations can be found with heavy hitters like 5ohman, Bukez Finezt, Subfiltronik, Skenz, and so many other badass producers. Make sure you listen to INFEKT’s newest tune “Virtual Reality Criminal” to get a feel for what more you can expect from his debut NC set on June 30th!


 The second threat of the night is no less intimidating than the first. Don’t let the title from his Samplifire collab “Mambo N Riddim” fool you, MurDa is %1000 a massacring, gunzablazing, illegal artillery type of Dubstep producer, and I honestly can’t believe we get to see him debut in North Carolina on such a stacked lineup. If you’re not quite familiar with the likes of MurDa, take twenty minutes and scroll through his SoundCloud because this guy has a large variety of releases that may really pique your interest – his sound is very dependent on machinery, cyborgs, decimation and destruction. Some of my favorite MurDa tunes include Shrapnel“, “Ball Licker and Disgrace which was co-produced with Paris’ very own Samplifire. MurDa is sure to bring forth one of the heaviest sets that a Create. show has ever offered. Smash play on his remix of Downlink’sMoshpit” if you know what’s good for you. See you all in the dungeon!


     Last but certainly not least, a true moment of Dubstep redemption is set to take place on June 30th whenever Oolacile hits the stage. I mistakenly missed over seventy percent of his set the first time I saw him throw down in Atlanta at a nasty show with JPhelpz and Mantis, and all I could hear were people chanting the name “Oolacile” under their muttered breaths, you could see the look on their face, they had no clue how to handle the massive set that Oolacile had just unleashed on them. And now you’re telling me that I can see him slay a set in my own hometown? I’m there. This champion of a producer is responsible for great singles such as “Test Lab“, “Riddim Girl“, “Manipulator” and “Human Experience” while having created countless collabs with artists like Midnight Tyrannosaurus, 12th Planet, MurDa and Cromatik. Can you tell that I’m stoked for this one? You should be too!

I’m also very excited to share a sick lineup of opening acts. All the way from Atlanta, we’ve got mans Zubah from the Critterz crew hopping in the 1s and 2s to throw down some scary Riddim drops. Coming from the close lands of Thomasville and Charlotte, Scripta and Trod plan on murking their performances! Last but certainly not least, you can expect one of the swankiest Deep Riddim sets from yours truly to kick off the night. Catch me with a camera in my hand capturing memories of the rest of the night afterwards! You can also expect a crafty live art session by none other than Papa Bear! See you all at the Blind Tiger on June 30th folks!


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