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IVORY Shatters Speakers Worldwide With New Single “MOVE”


IVORY, one of the too Parisian Dubstep producers of his kind, gifts us earthlings with yet another snap-ya- spine anthem. Currently one of the Never Say Die: Black Label’s shining stars, Ivory raises the bar yet
AGAIN as he releases a new single that picks up the mojo from his last release almost two months ago with his delightfully disgusting banger, “No Regrets”. I cannot even begin to fathom what seeing Ivory live would truly be like, but maybe it’s better that he holds off on U.S. shows for now. I can only imagine moshpit the fatalities would likely rise to the thousands. After all, you know you’re doing doing something right when more than half of all the sets at Lost Lands drop a tune of yours at least once.

I don’t know if this man eats human flesh, brushes his teeth with metal wire, sleeps on a bed of nails, or maybe a combo of all three. Why do I go to that extreme? Because what I do know is that he’s got a knack for making any listener feel like Russel Crowe from the Gladiator. Yes, Ivory. We are most definitely entertained by your dangerously tasteful tunes. Ivory continues to to exceed expectations, as he his new track “Move”, and molds unavoidable bass grimaces onto the faces of each new non-expecting listener.

 You might agree with the fact that the high quality production behind this tune keeps the wow factor escalating through to the very end. This French mad-man of a producer executes unique drops that sound different and somehow better than the last. If you’re searching for the perfect song to work out to, avenge a death, climb a mountain upside down with your bare hands, or anything in between, I highly suggest that you check out this monster of a track. Now you know! It would probably be in your best interest to keep on the lookout for anything Ivory puts out in the near future… it could quite possibly save your life.. or be the reason for your next hospital visit.

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