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JAM P R D Takes Washington DC By Surprise [Concert Review]

    Where do I begin with this one… If I told you that earlier this year, I experienced one of my top 5 Dubstep performances I’ve ever witnessed in the short twenty three years that I’ve been wandering on this planet, would you believe me? What if I said it took place in Washington D.C. during a Mushmouth Media show, featuring the DMV debut of Northampton outer space – slayer JAM P R D, would you believe me? My heart is extremely heavy as I write this recap, because I never expected to start off my year with the special news that one of my favorite producers was granted his VISA, and would soon come to the US to party with the Professor. If you think I was excited, imagine how my buddy Anthony Psydubz felt when he found out that he would be playing the show? Let alone ending the night with an impromptu back to back performance with Jam P R D at the one and only DC Eagle. The night was way too perfect to describe in one short recap, but I’ll try my best!

The DC Eagle:

  From the second you arrive at the door, you see three separate bowls of condoms for your picking. But I didn’t come to a Dubstep show at the DC Eagle to re-up on rubbers, I came here to party! I discovered this in January of 2017 when I took my girlfriend at the time and our Air B&B host aa spankin’ Riddim show with Gram Greene, Sektah, and Ranga’. The best part about the DC Eagle is the staff that works there! On the night of the P R D show, I had to finish some important homework for a class I ended up failing anyways, and was safe guarded by the kind security and bottom floor staff. I then saw my buddies Dan Moe (the owner of Mush Mouth) and the homie-omie-omie Moses, who has saved me from a mental overload once or twice in the past, more recently during a glorious Monxx debut in the District of Columbia. We get down in the DMV baby.


     Boy oh boy. My buddy Anthony Acosta, also known as the Atlantic City hooligan, reps Jersey harder than half the people from the Garden State, and all the Jersey-Philly producers who claim Philly! Whenever he DJs, you can feel the vibrant forward attitude that folks from his side of town are known for flow cleanly off the stage. Psydubz is one of the hardest working DJs I know – this fella just turned twenty two recently, and he’s consistently working on strategies to improve his mixing, marketing, and overall progress in this stringent yet beautiful scene that we call Underground Dubstep.

    MAN, DID THIS GUY SLAY. Psydubz kindly went out of his way to scoop me in Greensboro since he was already rolling to the Eagle with a squad of homies. Mans like Jazzy Jake, Leffurts and Yung Harvat have made this 2018 experience that we call “life” so much more worthwhile. It was nice raging out to the vivid chops that Psydubz threw are way! The transitions and doubles were smooth, and the tunes that were played were more than nasty nasty. Ant is the type of cat to throw in bangers by artists like Crowell, Bueg, Artix! and Flix, a few of the finest producers in the game. He always wants to make sure that the crowd is paying utmost attention whenever he performs – and it’s hard not because the kid has flare. I definitely recommend hitting up a Psydubz set whenever you get the chance, this guy is going places!

Jam P R D

Jamie, Jamie, Jamie… When I walked into the Eagle that night, I didn’t think I’d be walking out the club having created such a nice friendship with one of the world’s greatest Dubstep producers. You can call it what you want! Tooting your horn, cupcaking you, or simply being honest about how I feel brother – that was certainly a special night for everyone in the building! Anyone can ask my ex Crazy Katie, she’ll tell you! “Who was Zyven obsessed with all of late 2016?“, Codd Dubz, Gram Greene, Crowell, and JAM P R D baby. You should have seen me when I discovered Woodlock, JG Dubz, and Emilian Wonk They still haven’t left my top ten! Anyways, back to the set.

    Jam PRD was graciously joined by two awesome gentlemen from the New York City, the l337MGMT brothers, Alex and Aaron who graciously put together a small North American debut tour, which even included a massive North America continent debut in Philly which also featured heavy hitter such as Flix, Motus, Sweet Tooth, Codd Dubz, and CHMST. While I was really upset I had to adult and miss that dangerous lineup, I was still very grateful that I had the opportunity to catch the don in our nation’s Capital, let alone at one of my favorite venues for Dubstep.

  Before the night even started, Anthony and I snuck upstairs for soundcheck so we could get a peep of the action. Anthony actually was supposed to be up there anyways, since he was actually performing. I suppose I was just being a little reckless! Imagine hearing that filthy “Planet Earth” “Yasuo” “Sukout” edit in a room with four people at full sound capacity?! It was absolutely incredible! I’m almost sure that I was screaming like a six year old school girl inside my head because of that monumental moment I had just experienced.

  Flashforward a few hours later, the room was now packed out with a few hundred rowdy people, and it was now finally time for mister P R D to throw down what we hoped would be a grotesque, robotic adventure through the multiverse, where every Dubstep hellion could unleash their inner demons and jam out properly. I have never seen so many smiles, and shoulders popping for some filthy Riddim, all under one roof, united and full of energy as Jam P R D got his set started off hot with that nasty edit that I mentioned before.

     The entire room was oozing with swagger as Jamie cycled through his massive collection of self made productions such as “Blow Ya Head Off“Diggeridoink” and the intensity of “Black Hawk”  had everyone raging at their fullest capacity. I was amazed at what I was witnessing – one of the top Riddim producers from the United Kingdom was throwing down an insane amount of fire tunes for a one of the rowdiest crowds I have ever witnessed. Even my New Jersey boys were out there having the time of their lives. Jam P R D doesn’t play any games either, except when he’s showing off his glorious dance moves. I named one of his dance moves the “Irish Fighter” because he was throwing light uppercuts to the air as he felt out his wild drops. Without a doubt this was a night to go down in the Dubstep history books.

 I want to share this special video that I chopped up on our favorite extraterrestrial, just so you can get an idea as to how gnarly this set truly was.

JAM P R D Murders Washington DC Debut

We never thought the day would come where we could rage our hearts out to the intergalactic, alien sounds of Northampton's JAM P R D. After following this man's music for years, the imminent banger of performance hosted by our friends at MushMouth Media was everything that one could wish for.We wouldn't have had it any other way.Much love to Jamie, the Mushmouth Crew, the folks over at The DC Eagle and the homie PsyDubz for such a great evening.Look out for JAM's newest project, a label known as ARD MUSYK !!! <3

Posted by The Charlotte Sessions on Friday, September 7, 2018

  From start to finish, Jam P R D had us in a complete psychological, brain detached Riddim trance. I have never seen so many strange dance moves in one night and I absolutely loved it. I know that fans were just as happy as I was to hear tunes like “Laboratory” which was co-produced with Infekt, or “Rampage”, that nasty Bloodthinnerz collab, or even a few of his personal wonders such as “Guardians”, “Resistance” and “Cheezus”. I won’t even tell you how the crowd reacted when he dropped the OG version of “Planet Earth” it was, without a doubt, as dastardly as you would imagine. The show ended in a fury as PsyDubz hopped up on stage and played a little impromptu back to back set with JAM P R D – needless to say, it was one hundred and fifty percent heavy.

    I want to applaud the DC Eagle, Mushmouth Media, Psydubz and the Jersey crew, all the crazy Riddim rats and babes in the crowd, and of course JAM P R D himself! I wear your shirt at least five times a month brother – your friendship means more than you can imagine. Okay, enough sap – Riddim Professor Out!

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Northampton Was Blessed With A Great One

– Zyven

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