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JAM P R D Set To Obliterate Washington DC During His Debut Set / 2.24.17

Ladies and gentlemen, I have to let you all in on a little secret. We’ve got a serious case of Live Dubstep music coming in hot to Washington DC this weekend. Of course, to no surprise, the line up for the Mushmouth Media hosted event is composed of non the British Riddim Space Cadet Warrior, also known as the one and only JAM P R D. The heavy and relentless style of this Northampton based producer will completely take over your brain waves in the matter of seconds. Ravers and bassjunkies from all over the East Coast will be making quite the journey to experience this spectacle of an event.

    This weekend we have a producer who special place in my big, red Riddim heart. Folks I’m not sure if you know what it feels like to support an artist on their first North American tour. When I first saw Peterborough’s very own Monxx at a Mushmouth Media show last year, I felt like I was witnessing history in the making. Let alone a special performance from Leeds’ very own Chime in my hometown. But folks, a real life, true to the bone, neck cranking JAM P R D set is right around the corner, and I vowed myself to catch this man perform in DC after missing his North America DEBUT in Philly just a few weekends ago. JAM is responsible for some of my favorite tunes such as “Highly Addictive,” “CHEEZUS, and of course Plane Earth VIP VIP. He’s collaborated with some of the craftiest artists in the Underground Dubstep scene, such as AD, Emilian Wonk, LV, Subject 31 and Infekt. The guy is a don and his music deserves all the recognition it can get. Catch him throwing down catastrophic universal collisions this Saturday at the DC Eagle!

     If I haven’t struck your emotions quite yet, wait till you hear a little thing or two about the mysterious opening acts. I say mysterious because I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing any of them perform yet. But I’m definitely excited to see what they’ve got! This weekend we’ve got the likes of Seomatic & Dizzy, Daed Wolf, Tabrnak and our Carolina compadre Psydubzwho’s driving all the way from the Triad area to party it up in DC and show off his style. Make sure you RSVP Here to let your friends know about the insane plans taking place this weekend!

JAM P R D & Codd Dubz

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