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Jayceeoh Is Back With a Deadly New EP on SLUGZ MUSIC

Two times in my life… Two times in the short twenty-four years I’ve lived on this planet, I’ve managed to catch some jaw dropping, mind boggling, hip swiveling performances by none other than the Los Angeles based bad mon, Jayceeoh. Even though I’ve seen hundreds of Bass heavy performances all over North America, nothing compares to a Jayceeoh performance – his energy and mixing abilities make him one of a kind. From watching him smash the Opera to pieces in Atlanta, to catching him cause an earthquake at CLUSTXR Music Festival in West Virginia, I’ve been left in absolute and utter shock. I’ve always wondered where the meaning of Jake Osher’s name came from – it obviously has something to do with his first and last name, but I want to know the story behind it.

Well a few days ago I was scrolling through SoundCloud only to find out that Jayceeoh released a small, two track EP on Snail’s record label, SLUGZ MUSIC. The Grand Slam EP is nothing short of a lazer popping, wonkified portal to another universe where nothing but bangers are played out at the baseball field. Not that 1908 “take me out to the ball game” medley that we grew up with. I almost feel like I heard someone play “Grand Slam” at Lost Lands. Now, fair warning, this tune is rather caliente, so be careful playing it out for your homies. You don’t want to cause a riot. The name of the project is appropriately called Grand Slam, because it smacks harder than Charlie Hustle at the World Series.

The second tune of the project, “Exodus“, showcases a holistic, yet devilishly heavy style that was designed to get listeners thrashing anywhere they may be. Don’t play this one at church folks – you may just release the demon hiding with this song, Jayceeoh. You done did it my friend. Thanks again for the awesome stickers at CLUSTXR, I still have mine with me and they’re going to make it to my future home in Colombia in 2050.

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– Zyven
(The Riddim Professor)

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