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Jeffrey and His Jawline: A Recap on SWHY Like Dubstep Volume 5!

I never thought in a million years that when I started hosting Dubstep concerts, someone would come out and do a review of one of my shows. After all the reviews I’ve written since I started this journey in 2015, it felt really nice when a buddy name Jeff said he wanted to come out and do some interviews with some of the artists, and put together a video review of the event. Well I tell you what – our fourth edition of So We Heard You Like Dubstep was an absolute riot. But it wouldn’t have been the safe if Jeffrey and His Jawline hadn’t been there!

My partners over at Dirt Sounds and I decided to bring two of the original members of the Warriors crew. Some of my absolute favorfite Riddim producers in the world: the Louisville legend, Packback, and the New Jersey heavy hitter, WARNED. It was such an honor having them come out and crush North Carolina for the first time. I absolute love getting all the Riddim kids from this state together for a night of debechaurey and madness. We also had some really entertaining sets by Nashville allstar Skeyeview, who threw down some wompy Deep Dub goodness – Clutch Panda, the Myrtle Beach alien who threw down some really weird tunes that set my mind in another universe, you made the Ghouls proud buddy. Jordan Castle and Most Wanted played an incredible Trap filled set featuring the latest and greatest hits of the Hard and Hybrid Trap world. Last but not least, Scary Poppins worked his magic by bringing in the wubs for everyone to enjoy. I’m very glad that Jeff got to come out and check out what our shows are all about! It was such a blessing. Until next time folks!

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– Zyven

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