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Catching up With Jersey’s BRAVO BRAVO [Bass Duo Interview]

1. Hello Bravo Bravo! Did you get your double name inspiration from Duran Duran? (But in all seriousness, where did the catchy name come from?)
Hey brotha, we just came out with the name out of no where!
2. Vinnie, we met at Yonderville my man! What was one of your favorite experiences there? Did you find other East Coast kids who also knew about your music?

Dude I instantly noticed you from your jacket and must I say you looked like a professor hahah! I loved how friendly everyone was, the food vendors and that coffee saved me so that was an amazing time! Yes we met up with Dan Moe (Mushmouth Media) and a bunch of other people who we met for the first time ever! 

3. How did you two hooligans first meet up? Is it a brothers lost at birth type of deal?

Me and Ryan became friends back when I was in my junior year of high school and we hated each other, I don’t know why but a year later we went out to Hollywood hills to live with each other with a group of friends, and honestly if we would of never went on that trip and stayed in Cali for 8 months I don’t think we would of been the brothers we are now.

4. What part of Jersey do you fellas rep? We heard the Philly-Jersey kids are the coolest (Note: The Charlotte Sessions loves all people from New Jersey ❤️)

We are from south Jersey near Atlantic City!

5. Who are some bands, rappers, and producers, or even sólo acts that give you inspiration whenever you’re working in new music?

Honestly no one

6. Damn, so you just do your own thing. When people realize they’re heading to a Bravo Bravo set, what should they expect?

LILL TWINN and some bombs with extra doinks!

7. What’s up with this clear obsession with Call Of Duty. I peeped the theme of many of your SoundCloud releases. What are your motives gentlemen!

We have so many plans and we feel in this day and age you need a brand and something to market so we both love video games and couldn’t think of anything better than to add to the brand than a Call of Duty style!  

8. Modern Warfare 2 till we RIP. Tell us one really embarrassing detail, story or fact about each other!

I pissed me self – Vinnie

Vinnie threw a meatball sub at my chest in front of a girl I just met for the first time – Ryan 

9. If you could collaborate with any producers in the scene, who would they be? Whether they’re big or small, or hard to reach since they live overseas!

I feel every time I ask to Collab with people they take forever or never seem interested but if it had to be anyone I would say Pit Bull.

10. DALE! Drop some deets on the supporters of the Bass Music Sphere can expect from Bravo Bravo this year? 

Can’t ruin all the surprises like that 🙂

Follow us if you really wanna know! 

11. Are we still on for our deal to bring you out for a show in North Carolina? 🙂

We are more on than off ? set it up !

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Even Dutch Lions Can Be Fierce!

– Zyven


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