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JG Dubz and KC Dubz Team Up Again

One of my longtime favorite producers from Latin America, JG Dubz, has always been a big supporter of the KC movement. I’ve been listening to JG Dubz for quite some time now, and it doesn’t surprise me whenever a new song of his absolutely slaps the great white shark right out of the ocean – the kid goes hard. He actually told me that he was working on a tune with KC for my record label, Charlotte Sessions Audio – I can only imagine how deadly this is going to sound whenever it gets played out live. I want to share a very strange tune that JG and KC made using Reason 10. It’s called “toxonomic redeemer“, and it’s quite the wonky creation.

Ladies and gentlemen, it seems that the two have decided to create a meme friendly tune called “Bitches on My C#CK 2035“. I’m not quite sure where the vocal samples come from, but I’m really digging the wobbly flow. Enjoy the weirdness my friends, but be careful where you dance to this tune because you might summon some unwanted extraterrestrial visitors (and I’m not talking about the friendly kind that teach you the secret of levitation and ultimate wealth either).

Last but certainly not least, it would be a complete shame and dishonor to my Brazilian brothers if I didn’t share “Square Time Traveler” – this one carries an ominous, spooky, yet gruesome flow all at once. Grab your ghost hunting gear because today’s the day you catch that creepy specter hiding in your attic. Enjoy the DirtySnatcha Promotions release my ghouls and goblins.

Happy Halloween!
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– Zyven
 (The Riddim Professor)

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